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Top Ten Pace Bowlers in ODI and T20 Cricket from Zimbabwe


Top Ten Pace Bowlers in ODI Cricket from Zimbabwe  

Zimbabwe doesn’t have many fast bowlers in the list of top ten pace bowlers, but they have many medium pace bowlers who have forced different world-class batsmen to limit their range of shots. Heath Streak is an asset and on the top in the list of the top ten pace bowlers for Zimbabwe. They don’t have legendary models in their short history of cricket, but have very effective medium pace bowlers to give the opponents a real tough time in the One Day Internationals. These medium pace bowlers proved their selection with the artistic deliveries admired by many top-notch batsmen of the world. This list of top ten pace bowlers in ODI is a proof of performance by the bowlers including the young pace bowlers who boast a high ratio of wicket taking in very short time from Zimbabwe.

  • HH Streak
  • GW Flower
  • PA Strang
  • P Utseya
  • GJ Whittall
  • RW Price
  • GB Brent
  • E Chigumbura
  • EA Brandes
  • DT Hondo
Top Ten Pace Bowlers in T20 Cricket from Zimbabwe

There are only three bowlers in the top ten pace bowlers list who reach double figures in their wickets column in T20 internationals. Zimbabwe gets fewer chances to play as many T20 matches as other international playing nations, but their bowlers have a good track record against any component in the international cricket. This list of the top ten pace bowlers from Zimbabwe in T20 proves that they are quite capable and must get more chances to play T20 internationals in order to increase the potential of cricket in Zimbabwe.  Almost all the members comprising this list of top ten pace bowlers are young and don’t have much experience, but the future looks bright with their enormous struggle and superlative performance in the cricket fields.

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