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Top Ten Test and ODI Cricket Captains of West Indies

Top Ten Test Cricket Captains of West Indies

The current team is being led by CH Gayle who is the perfect all-rounder. He has moulded himself in such a way that now the team can’t do without him. What works for him is how the opposition bowlers fear him, because of his unbeatable batting. And as far as bowling is concerned, he has done a great job even in that department.

CH Lloyd was someone who could get a “U” turn to happen in the game. He was a very straightforward captain and never minced his words. Next came BC Lara who again was amazing with the bat. He is the only player to have made 400 runs at “not out” in Test cricket which was an achievement in itself. Here is the list of top ten test captains of West Indies:

1. S Chanderpaul
2. BC Lara
3. JC Adams
4. CL Hooper
5. RR Sarwan
6. CH Gayle
7. CA Walsh
8. RB Richardson
9. DL Haynes
10. CH Lloyd

Top Ten ODI Cricket Captains of West Indies

Clive Lloyd has been the most successful captain for the West Indies in One Day Internationals. He was one of the key players then. He knew he understood the game well and which is what helped him hold the game up highly.

Then there was RB Richardson, who made for a magnificent watch on the field and was a complete menace on the field. The way he could look in the eye of the bowler showed how confident as a batsman he was.

The greatest number of matches won by West Indies was under the captaincy of BC Lara. He is the only one to have crossed the 10,000 run mark in his country. Apart from Bradman, Lara is the only one to have scored runs so fast and easily. Here is the list of top ten ODI captains of West Indies:

1. RR Sarwan
2. CH Lloyd
3. CG Greenidge
4. RD Jacobs
5. IVA Richards
6. RB Richardson
7. CA Walsh
8. BC Lara
9. CL Hooper
10. JC Adams

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