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Top Ten Test-ODI-T20 Bowlers of New Zealand Cricket Team


Top Ten Test Bowlers of New Zealand Cricket Team 

New Zealand has been lucky enough to have some really competitive players on their team for test matches. However, they have not been able to translate tallent into wins. The team and country would benefit greatly from mixing their competitive strengths with confidence. SE Bond, one of the leading players of the world, has had an amazing strike rate, and he has made sure that the ball works for to him and is always in his favour. He is easily one of the best pacers New Zealand has ever had. Unfortunately, he has missed more matches than he has played.

  • SE Bond
  • Sir RJ Hadlee
  • CL Cairns
  • JEC Franklin
  • BR Taylor
  • IE O’Brien
  • CS Martin
  • SB Doull
  • DK Morrison
  • DR Tuffey

Top Ten ODI Bowlers of New Zealand Cricket Team 

Once again in One day Internationals, SE Bond has proved to be New Zealand’s strongest player in terms of statistics and performance. He knows how to support his team when needed. Such players are necessary to win matches because of the way they help balance out the team. New Zealand has had good players but they lack inspiration from senior players. This could be due to limited interaction among players, but it surely doesn’t work in the favour of the team. If the team could come together, it would benefit dramatically. New Zealand has seen its share of dynamic bowlers in terms of speed and spin. Top ten bowlers of New Zealand in ODI are:

  • SE Bond
  • C Pringle
  • KD Mills
  • DK Morrison
  • RJ Hadlee
  • MC Snedden
  • DR Tuffey
  • CL Cairns
  • JDP Oram
  • EJ Chatfield

Top Ten T20 Bowlers of New Zealand Cricket Team 

The twenty-twenty format does not require the player to be as fit as test matches or One Day Internationals. The twenty-twenty format is often a platform for experimenting with new players.

New Zealand has not been very consistent, and it is probably because of the absence of experienced players contributing meaningfully to the game. Therefore, New Zealand needs to put in more hours of practice to improve their team performance and boosting their morale. Their bowlers have been good, but they need support from the rest of the team. Top ten bowlers of New Zealand in T20 cricket are:

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