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Top Test-ODI-T20 Captains – South Africa Cricket Team

Famous cricket players of South Africa: Graeme Smith

Top Test Captains – South Africa Cricket Team

The South African cricket team has always been a threat for the top international sides. They have displayed top quality cricket consistently. Through their historic journey, they have seen some of the greatest Test captains. It is hard to compile a top ten list for Test captains no matter how deeply you look at the stats. The country has been suffering from political instability and that factor should also be taken into consideration when judging the team and its captain’s performance.

Hansie Cronje and Graeme Smith have been top performers for the side. They have lead their team to famous Test victories over the years, and their leadership skills have been phenomenal. A complete list of their all time top ten Test captains is below.

  • Graeme Smith
  • Hansie Cronje
  • Shaun Pollock
  • Kepler Vessels
  • Ali Bacher
  • Jackie McGlew
  • Jack Cheetam
  • Percy Sherwell
  • Mark Boucher
  • Trevor Goddard

Top ODI Captains – South Africa Cricket Team

South Africa has always been a very dangerous ODI side. They have pulled out amazing victories and have destroyed every top cricket team in the world. The only thing missing is the BIG trophy. Even the top five captains for South Africa have failed to bring the glorious World Cup home.

Over the years, South Africa has produced great leaders. Hansie Cronje is easily one of the best captains that the international cricket has ever seen. His leadership qualities reformed the South African cricket team and made it one of the most dangerous sides in the world. Graeme Smith also performed brilliantly as a captain and led to team to some of the finest wins in the history of the game. He lead his side to a world-record victory against Australia where the African chased down a record-total to win the match. The top five ODI captains for South Africa are:

  1. Hansie Cronje
  2. Graeme Smith
  3. Shaun Pollock
  4. Kepler Wessels
  5. Jacques Kallis

Top T20 Captains – South Africa Cricket Team

The South African team has been a top quality 20-20 side right from the birth of 20-20 international cricket. They have been playing 20-20 cricket in their national league and they were ready to take on the world when the ICC declared 20-20 as an international form of cricket. Graeme Smith lead the side to their first 20-20 match. The other players to captain the South African team in 20-20 format of cricket are Shaun Pollock and Johan Botha.

The Africans have always been a threat with the bat in this form of cricket. Players like Gibbs and Graeme Smith took world’s finest bowlers on in this shorter form of the game. Technicians like Kallis and Botha follow these top stroke makers. The Africans always have firepower in the middle-order and lower middle-order in the shapes of Shaun Pollock, Mark Boucher and stroke maker De Viliers. South Africa’s 20-20 captains in the order of performance are:

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