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Top Three T20 Cricket All-Rounders of South Africa and Zimbabwe


Top Three T20 Cricket All-Rounders of South Africa

Most people share the same opinion that South African cricket team has the best T20 cricket gameplay because of their experienced all-rounders who are exceptional hard-hitters and bowlers. Jacque Kallis is ranked number one for his commendable batting; ability to set as the situation demands and mind blowing medium-fast bowling. He has scored more than 512 runs and has taken 5 wickets in just 16 T20s. Albie Morkel; an important player of South African T20 squad is second in rankings. He is greatly known for his intense aggressiveness and unpredictable medium bowling; as a result he has scored 443 runs and taken 18 wickets in 31 T20 matches. Johan Botha has clinched second position by awesome bowling and commendable stroke-play which has enabled him to take 26 wickets and 110 plus runs in his T20 career. Based on general point of view South Africa is going to succeed a lot in future as it is working hard on production of destructive all-rounder force. Soon they are going to be recognized as a team with most lethal squad, consisting of many all-rounders.

Top Three T20 Cricket All-Rounders of Zimbabwe

If we go through the entire Zimbabwe cricket squad, few all-rounders, who fulfill the criteria for being a good all-rounder, are going to be short listed. Due to lack of financial, managerial, economical and political support, up till now Zimbabwe has produced limited number of talented all-rounders. Elton Chigumbura is so far the best T20 all-rounder of Zimbabwe for his diversified gameplay involving complex stroke play and destructive medium bowling. He has scored 174 runs and taken 12 wickets in just 14 T20 matches. Another rising star in T20 cricket is Prosper Utseya who ranks second with 16 wickets and 36 runs as he has the potential to become a great T20 all-rounder in future as he has been give very less chances so far to prove himself. Brendon Taylor ranks third as he has scored 224 in 9 T20 innings along with 1 wicket in just 2 innings. All that Zimbabwe needs to do inorder to improve their gameplay is to play more T20 internationals so their current squad can develop more significantly and can find it easy to tackle each and every situation. On whole, Zimbabwe lacks in talented all-rounders cream.

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