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Best/ Top Batsmen in World Cup Cricket


Best/ Top Batsmen in World Cup Cricket  

The best batsmen in World Cup list shows some great names in cricket. These are the players who changed the perception of consistent performance among cricket fans and critics. A player like Sachin Tendulkar who scored tons in World Cup, he clearly took India to the victory stands many times in the World Cup. While Javed Miandad was the clear difference between Pakistan and England in the 1992 World Cup, he was definitely the one who took Pakistan to the victory stand in the final. Another important member of the best batsman in World Cup list is Ricky Ponting. This guy, with his consistent performance and excellent captaincy, took Australia three times to the World Cup victory stand.

Serial No Player Runs
1 Sachin Tendulkar 1796
2 Ricky Ponting 1537
3 Brian Lara 1225
4 Seneth Jayasuriya 1165
5 Adam Gilchrist 1085
6 Javed Miandad 1083
7 Stephen Fleming 1075
8 Harshal Gibbs 1067
9 Aravinda De Silva 1064
10 Vivian Richards 1013


Top Ten Best Batsmen-World Cup Wise

This best batsman list contains many great players who have given huge performances in prior World Cups and have helped their teams to come out on top. No one would be surprised by the presence of Sachin Tendulkar in this list twice because a player of his caliber can win this title many more times. Another distinguished player in this best batsman list is Matthew Hayden, a former Australian opener who scored a lot of runs and was famous for his unleashed strokes, he literally deserves these statistics. Among all these best batsmen, for me SACHIN can easily be distinguished because the amount of runs he scored in his World Cup career is actually quite big!

Year player Runs
1975 Glenn Turner 333
1979 Gordon Greenidge 253
1983 David Gower 384
1987 Graham Gooch 471
1992 Martin Crowe 456
1996 Sachin Tendulkar 523
1999 Rahul Dravid 461
2003 Sachin Tendulkar 673
2007 Matthew Hayden 659


Best Batsmen in World Cup Cricket by Nation  

“Batting is the art of building your innings and scoring runs for your team,” said one of the best batsman among these World Cup performers: Javed Miandad.  Later on, players like Sachin and Ricky Ponting changed the rules with their batting styles; both of them used to attack the opposition right in the beginning of their innings and, after putting pressure on the opposition, they built their innings. In contrast, former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad used to build his innings first and also attack occasionally. The most unique of this best batsman list was the great Lara who was a combination of both these attributes.


Country Player Runs
India Sachin Tendulkar 1796
Australia Ricky Tonting 1537
West Indies Brian Lara 1225
Sri Lanka Sanath Jayasuriya 1165
Pakistan Javed Miandad 1083
New Zealand Stephen Fleming 1075
South Africa Harshal Gibbs 1067
England Graham Gooch 897
Zimbabwe A Flower 815
Kenya So Tikolo 724


Best/ Top Opener batsmen of World Cup Cricket  

The opener of a World Cup match has to be very confident, calm and sharp to put pressure on the bowler. History has seen many outstanding and classical opener batsmen of World Cup matches. They are versatile and hard hitters who set the match on fire. Gary Kirsten of the South African team is one of the finest and most extraordinary openers of World Cup matches. He has proven his mettle by scoring his highest score of 188(not out) in the 1996 World Cup. Here is the list of the best openers of the World Cup.


Batsman Runs Year
G Kirsten 188* 16 Feb 1996
SC Ganguly 183 26 May 1999
CB Wishart 172* 10 Feb 2003
GM Turner 171* 7 Jun 1975
AC Hudson 161 5 Mar 1996
Imran Nazir 160 21 Mar 2007
ML Hayden 158 27 Mar 2007
SR Tendulkar 152 23 Feb 2003
AC Gilchrist 149 28 Apr 2007
AB de Villiers 146 10 Apr 2007


Best/ Top Middle Order Batsmen of World Cup Cricket  

Middle order batsmen are very important in setting a high target for the opposing team in World Cup innings. Usually more reliable and refined batsmen are placed at middle order batting. World Cup history is full of such outstanding and extraordinary middle order batsmen. Sir Viv Richards of the West Indies team, who made 181 runs in the 1987 world cup match, is one of the best middle order batsmen. He is leading the board of the top ten middle order batsmen since 1987. This post presents the best middle order batsmen of the World Cup tournaments.

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