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Cricket World Cup records: Pakistan vs Australia cricket teams

Pakistan vs Australia

  • The Pakistani cricket team has played 7 matches against the Australian cricket team in Cricket world cups. They won 3 and lost 4 matches.
  • The Australian cricket team has been performing very well throughout the ICC World Cup history, and has been giving the Pakistani team a run for their money in every match (1999 ICC World Cup final).
  • Pakistani bowlers have a good track record of bowling well against the Australian batting order, irrespective of the fact if they won the match or not. Sikander Bakht’s 3 wickets in the 1979 ICC cricket World Cup, Aaqib Javed’s (top order bowler of the Pakistani cricket team) famous hat trick in the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup, and Wasim Akram’s 3 important wickets (the then Pakistani cricket team captain) in the 1999 ICC cricket World Cup have all contributed in the success of the Pakistani cricket team.
  • Batting has been pretty inconsistent and the success has been dependant on the performance of the Pakistani cricket team batsmen.

Apart from a few middle order Pakistani cricket batsmen, none have been able to score well in the ICC cricket World Cup against the Australian team (e.g., Asif Iqbal in 1979, Aamir Sohail in 1992, and Inzamam-ul-haq in 1999).

Pakistan beat Australia in 2011 Cricket World Cup to end their historic World Cup winning streak of 34 matches. This victory by the Pakistan cricket team was very impressive. Australia was still ranked the world number one team. Pakistani bowling squad was however able to stop the Australians from scoring a lot. Australia was all team out in 46.4 overs at a total score of 176. It was an achievable target. However, the match became interesting as Pakistani batting line up was vulnerable and unpredictable and Australia had the best bowling attack spear headed by Brett Lee. However, in the end, Pakistan prevails by scoring 178 runs for 6 wickets. Pakistan won this historic match by a margin of 4 wickets. This loss ended Australia’s 34 match winning streak in world cups.

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