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Dismissals in Cricket

by on February 14, 2010
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Dismissals in cricket

Cricket is a game of team spirit and it is played between two sides to contest in the game. The batting and bowling are two very important aspects for the game of cricket. While batting from one side, a player may get ‘out’ due to playing bad shot or due to very good ball bowled to him, it is known as a dismissal or wicket in the game of cricket. Let us look at some common dismissals here in this article.

The first type of dismissal is ‘bowled’. In this type of dismissal, the ball crashes into the stump as batsman either misses to play the ball bowled by bowler or plays a wrong shot with the bat in such a manner that ball goes into the stump. Another ways of dismissal is ‘catch-out’. In this dismissal type, the ball is caught by fielder before bouncing on the ground after it is hit by batsman. In this case, fielder can be anybody; it can also be bowler itself or wicket-keeper. The dismissal in which catch is taken by wicket-keeper is also known as ‘caught-behind’ or ‘caught by keeper’. Third common type of dismissal is ‘Leg Before Wicket’ or (LBW). In this case, the ball which is supposed to go into the stump, actually hits the pad or leg of the batsman rather than bat and it is called as LBW or Leg Before Wicket. Another simple way of dismissal is ‘run-out’,in which stumps are broken by throwing a ball to stumps while batsman is running between the pitches and he is outside the safe zone, that is, out of crease.

Of all these dismissals, trapping a batsman leg before wicket and bowling the batsman out are considered as the highest achievement for bowler. However, depending on the strategy of a bowler and batsman, getting a set batsman to wrongly pull or hook a ball to get caught it also no easy job. Run out and caught out are usually an indication of good fielding by the team.

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