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Famous cricket player of India: Sunil Gavaskar

by on February 18, 2011
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  • Sunil Gavaskar (1974-1987) is one of the most senior players of the Indian cricket team. He joined the Indian cricket team in the mid of 1974 and was said to be the best opening batsman.
  • He was the master of pace attack and had a very high average of 65.45 against the West Indian side, who were particularly famous for their fast bowlers.
  • He had been unsuccessful as a captain however his batting skills could never be doubted. Sunil Gavaskar held the record for most centuries (31) for more than 20 years until another Indian (S.R Tendulkar) broke his record.
  • His captaincy was inconsistent as there were quite replacements seen, which were mainly due to the consistent pattern of not winning any series.
  • He played 108 ODI’s and scored 3000+ runs with a batting average of 35.13. His top score was 103 not out. Some effort was also seen by Gavaskar with the ball but he could only manage to take a few numbers of wickets.
  • In all he played 4 ICC world tournaments and was one of the key players in the side. His consistency is well known and almost all bowlers have declared him as the toughest to bowl out.
  • Not only he was a great batsman, Sunil Gavaskar is known for his great sportsman spirit as well.  

Sunil Gavaskar was well known for his ability to hold one end. In many matches he saved India from losing a match by not letting his wicket fall cheaply. He was not a great rotater of the ball, but he had this ability of scoring continuously at a slow scoring rate and keeping the game going. Sunil Gavaskar was especially good in the matches where it was important for India to spent some time on crease to win the match or to avoid any defeat. Till date Sunil Gavaskar is considered as one of the best batsmen India has ever produced.

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