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Famous cricket player of New Zealand: Jeffrey Crowe

by on November 9, 2012
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Jeffrey John Crowe of New Zealand cricket team

Jeffrey Crowe, son of Dave Crowe and Martin Crowe’s elder brother, is a former cricketer of the New Zealand team. A right-hand batsman and a right-arm bowler, Jeff Crowe entered the world of Test Cricket in 1982-83. This was one year later after his brother joined the team and was partially because he had already started off with his career in South Australia: successful series from 1997-1982. Even though, the Australian selection team was interested but he Jeff Crowe preferred to return to New Zealand where he emerged as a steadfast fielder. He captained his team in six Tests.

His ability to keep wickets was witnessed when he countered the challenge of going in at first wicket down against fast bowlers of the WI team in the Carribean in 1984-84 and he resulted with a superb 112 in Sabina Park. His humorous and witty side was seen when he would swap helmets with his brother and comment on the match. Jeff Crowe was a batsman and a bowler who could be relied on in the most challenging times that the team faced. He scored 6 fifties and 3 hundreds in test cricket along with 7 fifties in One Day International matches. 

Jeffrey John Crowe also served as a manager of the NZ cricket team while he was appointed as an ICC match referee in 2004. 

In 75 one day international games, Jeff Croew scored 1518 runs at an average of 25.72 including seven fifties. His highest ODI total was 88 runs. In test cricket, Jeff Crowe scored 1601 runs at an average of 26.24 including three hundreds and six fifties. His highest test cricket score was 128 runs. He was lucrative right hand batsman for New Zealand and really excelled at his game. New Zealand cricket team has been pretty lucky with such amazing batsmen who always made it possible for Black Caps to make to big events like world cup.

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