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Famous cricket player of Pakistan: Umer Gul

by on February 21, 2011
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  • Praised for his control of line and length, the high-speed medium right arm bowler with right-hand batting style, Umer Gul is one of the youthful bowlers that the Pakistani cricket team possesses.
  • He is the most successful bowler of Twenty20 cricket format game. He finished as the most successful bowler in both 2007 and 2009 Twenty20 World Championship
  • Umar Gul is the second highest wicket taker in Twenty20 Internationals (80) after Saeed Ajmal of Pakistan
  • So far (2014), Umar Gul has taken 173 wickets in 124 ODI matches where 6/24 is his best ODI performance. 
  • He has taken 80 wickets in 56 Twenty20 matches so far. 
  • He made his debut in 2003 on the grounds of sharjah against Zimbabwe cricket team. From then on, Umar Gul has been on a roll and is known for having tremendous pace. 
  • In the home series of 2003-2004 against Bangladesh cricket team, he bowled outstandingly and making his test debut scored 15 wickets.
  • Unfortunately, the young bowler has had few test appearances because of the injuries he got subjected to.
  • Umar Gul got eminent fame in the cricket era because of his superb performance in the ICC World Twenty20. He got three wickets in the final match which made him the top wicket taking bowler of the entire tournament.
  • In the 2009 ICC world twenty20, his tremendous bowling skills once again proved his talent in the game when he became the first bowler in the international twenty20 world cup to achieve five-wicket haul.
  • Apart from his marvelous bowling, umer gul can also hit some runs when needed. Making 29 off 30 deliveries and 34 in 11 deliveries prove that in times of need, the player can be used as a fruitful batsman.

Umar Gul is struggling with his injuries currently which is making his presence a little dubious for 2015 Cricket World Cup. If he recovers, he could be an asset for Pakistan cricket team in the 2015 World Cup event. 

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