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History of opening ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cups

by on February 16, 2011
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Cricket Opening Ceremonies

An opening ceremony marks the start of any event, may it be a sports event or any other governmental event. Opening ceremony has a very old history relating back to Ancient Greek times when Olympics were started with a ceremony which included extravagance feasts, singing and recitation of poetry. People were presented with olive wreaths. The traditions have continued and are now considered as an integral part of the modern day Olympics. Today all major sporting events like FIFA World Cup, Olympics Games start with an opening ceremony which is watched by people from all over the world.

ICC Cricket World Cup is considered as the most important and widely watched event of the cricketing world. The history of ICC Cricket World Cup starts from 1975 when it was known as Prudential Cup. The opening ceremonies remained pretty simple till 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup. It mostly consisted of a welcome dinner followed by group photos of participating teams. Infact, opening ceremony of 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup was described as ‘pathetic’ by Wisden. Pakistan added new flavors by arranging few musical concerts on the eve of 1996 Wills World Cup held in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka but still a grand ceremony did not take place.

At last in 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup, South Africa gave a new direction to the opening ceremony of a cricket world cup. 4,000 performers gathered at the Cape Town for a ceremony which is still remembered by many people. Different themes were performed by the singers, musicians and dancers gathered for the big event. Almost 1.4 billion people have watched the ceremony. In 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, West Indies followed the tradion set by South Africa and amazed the world by showing its wonderful colors of heritage. The budget utilized was small and only 1500 performers participated but still it was considered as the biggest extravaganza night in cricket history.


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  1. Dipanjan says:

    You are wrong in stating that the 1996 WC opening ceremony was not grand. It was hosted by India (not Pakistan) at the Eden Gardens, Calcutta and was quite a big event.

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