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Indian Former Cricket Star Manoj Prabhakar

by on December 21, 2012
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Indian Former Cricket Star Manoj Prabhakar

Manoj Prabhakar, former cricketer of the Indian team was born on April 15, 1963. He was both, a medium-pacer  right-arm bowler and, a batsman of lower-order. Occasionally, Prabhakar used to open the innings for his team, until 1995-96, after which he retired.  He has the honour of taking 157 wickets in ODIs, 96 wickets in Test matches and above 385 opening set of wickets while playing for Delhi. Prabhakar has the credit of playing for Durham also. He is acknowledged for his great bowling which was a collection of different techniques he applied accordingly, in various matches. In addition to this, he was a protective opener and a sensible batsman of the lower-order.

Prabhakar has resurfaced as a trainer/coach for Indian cricket teams at  domestic level only. As a bowling coach, he has trained the cricket team of Delhi. He was the chief cricket coach of Rajasthan’s team. At present, he is among the contestants desirous of becoming the chief coach of Delhi’s cricket team. Prabhakar was dismissed from his services of a coach for Delhi’s team, in 2011. He was charged for criticizing the team and management in media. At Delhi, in the 1995-96 World Cup, the crowd hooted at Prabhakar for his poor bowling performance against Sri Lanka. He was unable to put up a good show in the match and made only 33 runs in 2 overs, which consisted of six fours and a six. Owing to his contribution in the match-fixing natter, he was disqualified from playing cricket at the international level.

In the current Indian cricket team, there is a lack of pace and this has been undermining the performance of Indian team. The batting line up of current cricket team of India is astoundingly brilliant but what fails them is their bowling line. Parbharkar had all the pace there was to damage the opponents. We suggest him to coach his team to experiment and test his skills.

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