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Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar speaks up on Decision Review System (DRS)

Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar speaks up on Decision Review System (DRS)

Famous Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar, the star cricket umpire from Pakistan who won the ICC Umpire of the Year award three times in a row has pointed out on the use of the Decision Review System (DRS) which is not consistently used in the international matches and thus affecting the umpire’s performance. Aleem Dar said that, the DRS should be implemented universally across all the international matches whether they are ODIs, Test matches or T20 internationals.

Talking to the press he said “There’s no issue in using technology it’s a good addition to the game but the umpires should stop thinking about it when making a decision. And, instead of being used randomly, the system should be enforced on a permanent basis in all series. It’s not being used in all series and that affects the umpires’ performance. I believe inconsistent usage is not good for the game either.”

Aleem Dar has voiced on this issue because the performance by an umpire can be affected due to the inconsistent use of DRS can change the match result at large. Besides that he puts in his two coins by commenting on the latest amendments of using two new balls to begin the inning, a ban on using a runner and a new system of PowerPlay can impact the performance of umpires as their responsibility is now increased manifold.

Aleem Dar is one important name as far as umpiring in cricket is concerned. In this game where one wrong decision by the umpire can lead to change in the outcome of whole match, quality umpiring is a very important requirement. Aleem Dar has provided some error free umpiring to the game, thus proving his place in the elite panel of cricket umpires time and again. He has received appreciation from international cricket body in many forms and many times.

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