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Test Cricket and T20 Cricket

Importance of test cricket

Test cricket is played over five days. Each team has the opportunity to bat twice and to bowl twice. In earlier years, Test cricket was played over six days, with the fourth day being a rest day for the players. Even before this, Test cricket was played until a result was achieved but, as some games went off for far too long, the limited length was introduced.
This is the oldest and most time honored format of the game but there is also limited over cricket. One day cricket is played over 45 or 50 over, and T20 cricket is contested over 20 over. These games are concluded on the day that they commenced. The shorter versions of the game are more exciting and more popular with fans and have been said that these formats are increasing the popularity of the sport. However, to cricket loyalists, Test cricket is the true test of the players and the true representation of the sport.Test cricket is the first format of cricket that was played. It is believed that the first test match was played between England and Australia in 1861. However, there is no evidence to this effect. The first official test match was played in 1877 between the same opponents. The ultimate result of this test series was 1-1 with Australia winning the first test by 45 runs and England running out winners in the second test by 4 wickets.
Thus one of the greatest sporting traditions was created.

An introduction to T20 cricket

With the introduction of T20 cricket, many fans have been concerned that this represents a threat to the longer formats of the game, especially test match cricket. The modern day lifestyle is not conducive to watching long sporting events such as Test cricket. In fact, many people cannot understand the reasoning behind watching a sporting event for a full five days, especially when that event may very well end in a draw. This is the reason that fans of sports like football are on the increase, because the result is achieved in ninety minutes. Many people do not appreciate that test cricket requires high skill and huge amount of patience and concentration at the highest level.
To combat decrease in spectators, the authorities introduced one day internationals (ODI) to reignite the interest of fans. Whilst this was successful to some degree, many critics suggested that the middle overs (over 20 to 40) of a 50 over match were too boring. This prompted the more recent introduction of the T20 game.

Whilst still cricket, the element of excitement and adrenaline rush was introduced with only 20 over innings, huge hitting and in a very exciting atmosphere. Most traditional fans of cricket consider T20 a very poor alternative to Test match cricket but, even the most stubborn of them will admit that T20 has increased the excitement and, thereby, the viewership of the great game of Cricket.

Advantages of T20 cricket

Football and soccer have a huge amount of fans all around the world. T20 cricket is a speedy game and has managed to attract its own great number of fans world-wide. The time taken to play the game is a mere 90 minutes. This is attractive to people who live busy lifestyles as they can watch a game that does not take as long as normal cricket. The pace of the world is becoming faster each day and people are becoming busier. The game of cricket, which is enjoyed by many, is a lengthy game and T20 cricket has allowed a shorter version to be enjoyed in its entirety in a short period of time.

The most basic of all cricket games is test cricket which takes five days to complete. This is a long game to watch. The one day international cricket is also a long game which takes a whole day to play as the name suggests. One day international and test cricket are both very interesting games, but the time it takes to watch them is a problem. The shortest form of cricket, namely T20 cricket is the newest addition in cricket. The limited 20 overs make the game exciting. Many are now able to enjoy the game with in a very short period of time. In the short time T20 cricket has been around, it has become a favorite for fans of cricket.

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