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The Cricketing Greats of Indo-Pak: Tendulkar & Anwar

Saeed Sachin

Tendulkar vs. Anwar- cricket giants

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the greatest batsman in the world of cricket. He has the record of breaking and making new records. Tendulkar holds the record of scoring the highest number of runs in test matches; a record previously held by the West Indian great Brian Lara. He has scored the most centuries in both Test matches and ODI; another record. His double century in ODI is perhaps the milestone of his career. No one has ever scored a double century in the limited over game. Previously only Pakistan’s Saeed Anwar and Zimbabwe’s Charles Coventry came close with 194 runs.

Tendulkar plays effortlessly all around the wicket and faces the most daunting bowlers with ease. He has got runs not only in India but in every part of the world where cricket is played. He quickly adjusts to the conditions of the wicket and this ability has won him his records.

Tendulkar started his career 20 years ago and still looks strong. Let’s see how many more big knocks the little mater will play before he retires.

Saeed Anwar
Saeed Anwar is the best opener Pakistan has ever produced. The stylish left arm player holds one of the best records of the cricketing world. His technique was simple but lethal, and he has played many matches winning innings for Pakistan. With his impeccable timing and wrist work, he was able to score all over the field. He made history when by scoring 194 runs in an ODI against India in Chennai in 1997. His record was equaled by Zimbabwe batsman Coventry in 2009 and broken by the cricket giant Sachin Tendulkar in 2010. Saeed Anwar has scored centuries against all the teams.

Saeed Anwar was not only a graceful stroke player, he was also a gentleman on the field- a trait sadly lacking among cricketers. The only time he showed aggression was during batting. The death of his daughter in 2001 shook him badly and he took a break from cricket. He never fully recovered from the loss and announced his retirement in 2003.

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