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The T-20 Dream Team 2009

by on October 27, 2009
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Who would be in the T20 dream team?

The current ICC top 11 T-20 players that would make up a “dream team” contain 11 men that are all proven players capable of incredible, match winning, cricketing performances. They are Ravi Bopara, Chris Gayle, Suresh Raina, David Hussey, Kumar Sangakkara (C), Ross Taylor, Roelof van der Merwe, Fidel Edwards, Shahid Afridi, R P Singh, and Lasith Malinga.

The batting would be opened by the devastating pair of Ravi Bopara and Chris Gayle.

In this dream team, the opening batsmen are Englishman, Ravi Bopara and, West Indian, Chris Gayle. Both are proven hitters and have devastated bowlers from all countries. Number three would be the equally swashbuckling Indian, Suresh Raina, recognized as a complete cricketer. Swift on the field with the ability to bowl spin, Raina is an asset for any team. Number four would be the Australian, David Hussey. Already famous with more than 10000 first class runs at an average of 54, David is known as an aggressive batman with the ability to score very quickly. The captain and wicket keeper of the dream team is the Sri Lankan, Kumar Sangakkara. An excelleent wicket keeper with the ability to score runs, Sangakkara is first choice behind the stumps.

The recognized all rounder in the team are the New Zealander, Ross Taylor, a traditional cricketer and the Pakistani, Shahid Afridi. Afridi is an excellent batsman who holds the record for the fastest century in one day internationals. Afridi scores seemingly at will and has a strike rate that puts fear into the hearts of all opposition bowlers. He also bowls spin.
The recognized bowlers in the team are the South African, Roelof van der Merwe, a relatively new spin bowler; West Indian speedster, Fidel Edwards, the Indian R P Singh, and the Sri Lankan slinger, Lasith Malinga.
Truly a team that represents the best of the T-20 cricketing arena..!!

Best batsmen and players in T20 cricket

Batsmen usually dominate in T20 cricket and bowlers are generally concerned about this phenomenon. As the game consists of a mere twenty overs per team, it is clearly a batsman’s game. The bowler gets wickets with ease in T20 cricket, but his average is higher than in a one day international or test cricket matches. Batsmen clearly have the leading position in this game. The batsmen are more aggressive in T20 cricket than in any other cricket matches because of the limited amount of overs available to win the game in.The pressure is high and good bowlers have a high economy rate.
In the 2009, T20 World Cup, however, this trend is not apparent. In the World Cup, the bowlers dominate the batsmen. Many successful bowlers have a vital role in ensuring their team wins the match. Some bowlers like Roelof van Der Merwe (South Africa), Malinga (Sri Lanka), Umer Gul (Pakistan), Wayne Parnell (South Africa) and Saeed Ajmal (Pakistan) have proven that the T20 cricket matches are not a problem for good bowlers.

With the passage of time importance of T20 Cricket is increasing. Skills of both the bowlers and batsmen are getting polished with experience to suit this fun filled cricket format.

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