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Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators Of The World

by on February 2, 2014
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Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators Of The World

Richie Benaud

A commentator plays a crucial part in a live cricket match of all kinds and excellent commentators know how to make the most tedious match conditions vivacious and excited. The history of cricket witnesses several remarkable sportspersons who have proved themselves as the great entertainers for their fans throughout their gleaming careers and then taken the post as world-class commentators. If we take a look at them, we would observe that the majority of great cricket players become the greatest commentators too, and demonstrate their vividness on and off the sports ground. In this piece of writing, we intend to rank 10 best cricket commentators of the world who are believed to be the best for their exceptional commentary aptitude.  

10. Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri is a former Indian cricket player who attained extraordinary fame for his test cricket performances and currently is known as a wholehearted commentator. He possesses wonderful voice pitch, excellent analysis of the match, and unbiased opinion. Besides, Ravi Shastri often stays in gossips for his incredible habit of carrying out a presentation ceremonies during cricket matches where he bluntly never lets the caption or his team players verbalize.

9. Nasser Hussain

Nasser Hussain stands at number 9 in our top 10 best commentators list. This English man is an ex. cricketer and best known for having kept a tally of 20,000 runs during his career as a player. After retiring from cricket as a player, talented Nasser started commenting during first class cricket matches to provide his expert visions as a commentator. He has attained huge admiration from his fans and experts of the cricket world.

8. Rameez Raja

At number 8, we have Rameez Raja-a former Pakistani cricket player who is recognized as one of the most excellent sportspersons and commentators of the cricket world.  He possesses brilliant voice, witty, and compelling style of commentary.

7. Robin Jackman

One of the finest commentators of all time’s cricket, Robin Jackman was the possessor of extraordinary communication skills, excellent commentary style, and versatility as whole. The true gentleman had a very short career as a cricketer however he has unquestionably marked his charisma as a significant and remarkable commentator.

6. Ian Botham

A former English all-rounder Ian Botham did not only prove his versatility in field but also has demonstrated his brilliancy as one of the top commentators in the world. Ian Botham has brilliant expertise to analyze the influential game of cricket and live matches. He is in the habit of observe a match with great detail that refers the best fraction of his commentary.

5. Ian Chappell

Ian Chappell is a former Australian cricketer and a great commentator. His voice quality, mode, pace, cricket insights, and sense of humor brings a great impact on listeners. Ian has the ability to produce a range of feelings such as eagerness, thrill or displeasure, annoyance, frustration, and tediousness by his excellent commentary.

4. Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle has never been a cricket player but he does have all the elements of an excellent commentator, hence makes it on the list of the finest commentators, the planet of cricket has distinguished so far.  Bhogle’s analysis of the sport, his visions, and understanding are a class apart.  He is a cool, calm and collected competitor and evaluates a live match very smartly.

3. Geoffrey Boycott

The English cricketer, Geoffrey Boycott is among the most flourishing opening batsmen. Besides, he is a great cricket commentator of all time. Boycott has a very passionate personality which helps him stand out from others. He has a great voice pitch, lovely accent, and a stylish commentary way.

2. Michael Holding

When it comes to cricket commentary, Michael Holding is an easy pick for the listing of top ten best cricket commentators. The sportsperson is familiar as one of the famous West Indian fast bowlers. He has a dominating career as a player and is now considered amongst the most excellent commentators of Cricket. Michael Holding possesses a distinctive style of commentary and his dominating tone promptly captures the attention of the spectators.

1. Tony Greig

Number 1 ranking goes to the possessor of unbelievable style of commentary, Mr. Tony Grieg. He is the gentleman who has conquered the hearts of cricket lovers over several decades. Tony has witnessed a thriving career as a cricketer and has attained a great fan-following. He is best at his job and terrifically knows how to play with words. Listening to his commentary makes you feel like you are actually watching the game. Hence, Tony projects the whole game marvelously and smartly to keep the viewers well-run.

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