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Top 3 Fast Bowlers in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket from Bangladesh


Top 3 Fast Bowlers in Test Cricket from Bangladesh  

Bangladesh took a long time to make it to the Test cricket. They were given the Test status in 2000, and played their first Test match against India. The fast and medium paced bowlers performed pretty well on the dead tracks. The top ten bowlers for Bangladesh would definitely comprise the leading bowlers from that match.

The Bangladeshi bowlers have mostly been medium paced and spinners. They have played well under difficult conditions and against superior teams. Their fast and medium paced bowlers outshined during a tour of Pakistan where they were about to beat the mighty batting line in a Test match. However, Inzamam came to the rescue playing his best ever innings.

The top 3 bowlers for Bangladesh in the Test cricket are

  • Mashrafe Mortaza
  • Syed Rasel
  • Khalid
Top 3 Fast Bowlers in ODI Cricket from Bangladesh  

Bangladesh has been playing well in the ODI cricket. Their fast and medium paced bowlers have performed well in this shorter form of cricket. Their medium pacers have caused trouble for some of the best batting attacks. However, they have never achieved elite status and have failed to disturb a top team for an entire tour. Occasional victories and superior bowling performances have been seen by the Bangladeshi medium pacers.

The Bangladesh team is still improving. They are working hard towards attaining a respectable position among the cricketing nations. They already have the crowd support. Cricket is very famous in Bangladesh and the fans are following every cricket match that Bangladesh is participating in. Their stadiums are always full and the fans are always enthusiastic. With all these things, the Bangladesh cricket team is ready to move ahead and become a respectable cricket team in the world.

Here is a list of their top 3 fast bowlers of Bangladesh in the ODI

  • Khalid
  • Mashrafe Mortaza
  • Syed Rasel
Top 3 Fast Bowlers in T20 Cricket from Bangladesh

The Bangladesh team was ecstatic when the 20-20 format was officially introduced at the international level. Teams from all around the world welcomed this new format of cricket. It gave a chance to teams with lesser resources and talents to compete with the top teams. The Bangladesh team started performing really well once it began; some of their batsmen and bowlers were already known for this shorter form of cricket after participating in the domestic 20-20 competitions.

The Bangladeshi fast and medium paced bowlers are almost perfect for the shorter form of cricket. Due to bad conditions for the bowlers back home, they have developed good variation. Their fast bowlers can bowl excellent slow bowls and can disguise the batsmen with their lovely swing.

The top 3 fast and medium pace bowlers of Bangladesh in 20-20 format of cricket are:

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