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Top Five Test and ODI Cricket Openers of Pakistan

Saeed Awar world cup 1999

Top Five Test Cricket Openers of Pakistan 

Opening has been one of Pakistan’s most concerned problems. However there have been some exceptional, fine and talented openers in Pakistan’s history who have made Pakistan’s cricket team proud. One of them is Saeed Anwar, who ranks top among the Pakistani test openers, for his punishable, pressurizing and aggressive batting style. As a result Saeed Anwar had scored 4052 runs and has in just 55 test matches. Second best test all-rounder is none other than Hanif Mohammad because of his top class stroke play and powerful hard-hitting which helped him to score 3915 runs in 55 test matches. Generally Hanif Mohammad is termed as the most technical player Pakistan ever had. An integral part of Pakistan cricket team Mudassar Nazar, is the reason behind team’s numerous good performances and success because he found it very easy to perform well as he was good at slow-fast and low pitches. Mudassar Nazar has scored 4114 runs and has in 76 test matches via display of sensible batting. On fourth is Majd Khan, generally characterized as an extremely patient and cautious player who disgraces opposing team with his hard-hitting and superb stroke play.

  • S. Anwar
  • H. Muhammad
  • M. Nazar
  • Majid Khan
  • Mohsin Khan
Top Five ODI Cricket Openers of Pakistan 

Pakistani ODI openers are ranked among the most destructive openers because of their consistent high-scoring performances via use of technical stroke play and high level of aggressiveness. Saeed Anwar is the best ODI opener Pakistan ever had, because he had the stamina and patience level needed to succeed and was capable of great starts through his graceful stroke-plays and pressurizing techniques. He scored 8824 runs in just 247 matches. Anwar is followed up by a young rising-star, Salman Butt who has currently scored up to 2725 runs in 78 ODI matches. Salman Butt is famous for his off-drives and cuts through fielder gaps, helping him a lot to open with electrifying starts. Amer Sohail is Pakistan’s third best ODI opener with 4780 runs in 156 matches. He was a combative left-handed batsman who never feared from expressing his aggressiveness on field. He loved to attack and was a wonderful hard-hitter.

Majid Khan is on Fourth position for his wonderful driving and hooking thus helping him to score 786 runs in just 23 ODI matches. In future Pakistan is going to produce even better openers.

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