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Top Four ODI Cricket Openers of West Indies and Top Three T20 Cricket Openers of India

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Top Four ODI Cricket Openers of West Indies 

Openers have to always struggle for better performances so they can provide their team with a winning edge. So far West Indie’s cricket history provides abundant evidence for the production of openers with remarkable talent. The hall of fame list starts with Gordon Greenidge who scored over 5100 runs in 128 ODI matches in his time. Up till now Sir Greenidge are highly praised for their exceptional and destructive stroke-play. Following Greenidge is Desmond Haynes ,the man who just played 238 ODI for West Indies but scored over 8640 runs, is known for his flawless starts which included fear some aggressiveness display and marvelous stroke-play. Another ODI Opener in West Indies cricket team is Chris Gayle who played 220 ODIs for West Indies, scoring over 7880 runs. Openers of this caliber are solely responsible for the success and boom of West Indies cricket, which consisted of numerous wins with great margins.

  • G.Greenidge
  • D.Haynes
  • C.Gayles
  • R.Fredricks

Top Three T20 Cricket Openers of India

In order to win a T20 match a squad should consist of talented, skilled, experienced and determined openers who can are willing to stay longer at the pitch and score huge for the team in least possible time so for easing off a little pressure on the team. India particularly has always had such marvelous sportsmen. Players like Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir are the part of Indian cricket squad line-up as the opening batsmen for India in T20 cricket. Virender Sehwag is the number one opener of Indian T20 cricket team for his ability to pile up runs in a very less time and exaggerate his aggressive feelings via hooking, cutting and stroke-play. He has scored 33 runs in just 14 T20 matches. Gautam Gambhir is the second player worthy of praise for his unpredictable game play, successful hard-hitting and high enthusiasm level on field. As a result he has scored 621 runs in 23 T20 matches, followed up by Murali Vijay, a rising star, with 108 runs in 6 T20 matches. Top opener batsmen of India are:

1)       Virender Sehwag.

2)      Gautam Gambhir.

3)      Murali Vijay.

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