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Top Ten Bowlers in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

by on December 8, 2010
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Popular and the most good looking bowler of New Zealand Shane Bond 

Top Ten Bowlers in Test Cricket

Bowling is one of the main aspects of this format of the game. In fact, for all formats in cricket, bowling is considered very important since a major part of winning or losing depends on bowling.

In test cricket, it is very important to maintain a good strike rate as this is a major distinguishing factor for bowlers. A good strike rate in test cricket is anywhere below 60. Strike rate is the ratio of runs given to the wickets held.

SE bond from team New Zealand leads the heap with a strike rate of 38.7. Although he hasn’t been playing long, his statistics are impressive.

  • SE Bond
  • DW Steyn
  • Shoaib Akhtar
  • JJC Lawson
  • Mohammad Asif
  • AA Donald
  • DE Bollinger
  • SP Jones
  • Shabbir Ahmed
  • SL Malinga
 Top Ten Bowlers in ODI Cricket

A good strike rate in One Day Internationals would be anywhere below 40.0 and to bowl keeping this in mind is one of the biggest challenges players face. It is important to maintain this rate and bowl keeping the game in mind. At One Day Internationals, players take risks to make as many runs as possible, hence if the bowlers are not quick in the game, the game might just get out of their hands. Bowlers play a major role in taking the game forward.

One Day Internationals require the bowlers to be more focused on the game as it is a faster version than Test Matches.

  • BAW Mendis
  • SW Tait
  • AH Gray
  • SE Bond
  • B Lee
  • GI Allott
  • SCG Broad
  • Saqlain Mushtaq
  • Waqar Younis
  • DE Bollinger
 Top Ten Bowlers in T20 Cricket

Bowling cannot be cleverly tested in this format of the game since twenty-twenty doesn’t provide bowlers with the freedom necessary to show off the actual fireworks of bowling. The bowler is more reserved in this format as every ball is important and no trial and error method can be applied.

Twenty-twenty requires bowlers to plan the game in advance as they cannot afford to fumble on the field. This is the shortest version of the game and there are limited overs. Thus, one wrong move can give the game a completely new direction. Therefore, twenty-twenty requires more careful handling of the game.

  • LMP Simmons (WI)
  • CM Wright (Scot)
  • MS Kasprowicz (Aus)
  • KJ Coetzer (Scot)
  • GD McGrath (Aus)
  • AC Botha (Ire)
  • RK Kleinveldt (SA)
  • NJ Astle (NZ)
  • JP Duminy (SA)
  • J Lewis (Eng)


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