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Top Ten Catchers / Fielders in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

by on August 6, 2010
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Indian batsman rahul_dravid

Test Cricket is a variant of Cricket which is based on figures. Test Cricket requires a lot of passion as the matches are conducted over a period of 5 days, which can prove to be very taxing if the interest in the game is not present.

Test Cricket is the longest sport in its kind and it can get very boring for the audience, but this is the form of cricket which helps in finding out the player’s ability in the sport.

The many aspects of cricket are batting, bowling and fielding, fielding being the most important, as it doesn’t only mean catching hold of the ball, but also requires the fielder to be alert all the time and on their toes.

International Test Cricket was earlier slated to be played only among nations, but this aspect was also recently changed by the International Cricket Council.

Top Ten Catchers/Fielders in International Test Cricket are:

1. Rahul Dravid
2. Mark Waugh
3. Ricky Ponting
4. Stephen Fleming
5. Brian Lara
6. Jacques Kallis
7. Mark Taylor
8. Allan Border
9. Mahela Jayawardene
10. Matthew Hayden

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders in ODI Cricket

Fielding has recently come up to be a top priority as a catch dropped now could also mean a match lost much in advance. It has become an art and to master it, one requires a lot of hard work and dedication.
One Day Internationals are also known as Limited Over International due to the limit on the over bowls by each team, which is generally up to 50 overs, thus creating the rush to score well. It is played between two teams at national level.

One Day Internationals are far more exciting than test matches and they manage to attract a decent amount of attention and crowd as not everyone is ready to hang in around for 3-5 days.

Top Ten catchers/fielders in ODI are:

1. Mahela Jayawardene
2. Mohammad Azharuddin
3. Ricky Ponting
4. Sachin Tendulkar
5. Stephen Fleming
6. Muttiah Muralitharan
7. Allan Border
8. Rahul Dravid
9. Sanath Teran Jayasuriya
10. Carl Hooper

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders in T20 Cricket

20Twenty, also known as T20, is the latest concept in the game of cricket. It is the shortest variant and an enhancement of One Day Internationals. This format of the game makes it very unpredictable.
Fielding does have its own set of restrictions due to the limited over and the way the match goes on. A few balls can turn the game around completely.

T20 has been a successful concept because of the excitement attached to the game. But from a fielder’s perspective, it is not the best platform to showcase their abilities.

The fact that the match lasts for a total of 3.5 hours attracts a lot of people towards it.

Here is the list of the best ten catches in T20:

1. A.B. de Villiers
2. L.R.P.L. Taylor
3. M.E.K. Hussey
4. G.C. Smith
5. D.J. Hussey
6. Shoaib Malik
7. D.A. Warner
8. S.C.G. Broad
9. M.J. Clarke
10. S.P.D. Smith

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