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Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of England in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of England in Test Cricket

Test Cricket is known to be a complex game with all the rules and regulations attached to it and the excitement goes on increasing as you reach the last day of the Test match when each team tries to make more runs than the other.

England is an aggressive team thus helping them be a good squad as aggression is what is required to play for five days continuously. Test cricket requires them to be consistent, which they are getting now, but apart from that, they have started to take the chances which they earlier missed. Selection of players is very important in Test matches and if you have the right players at the right time, then half the job is already done. Top ten fielders of England in test cricket are:

1. IT Botham
2. MC Cowdrey
3. WR Hammond
4. GP Thorpe
5. GA Gooch
6. ME Trescothick
7. GA Hick
8. AW Greig
9. MA Atherton
10. AJ Strauss

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of England in ODI Cricket

England has been a very good team till this date and has produced a stream of good players, but at times their fielding goes awry, which is quite disappointing. They need to put in more hard work so as to achieve the set targets.

In One Day Internationals, England has shown a vast improvement with the bat, but the same cannot be said for fielding. They need to strive harder in their fielding, because otherwise it becomes more easily for the opponent team to take the match away.

But on the other hand, England has been very good with playing their matches and has done it very positively. The team effort as a whole comes across on the field with the way they communicate. Top ten fielders of England in ODI are:

1. PD Collingwood
2. GA Hick
3. A Flintoff
4. ME Trescothick
5. GA Gooch
6. NV Knight
7. AJ Strauss
8. DI Gower
9. GP Thorpe
10. N Hussain

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of England in T20 Cricket

England has been the strongest in the Twenty-Twenty format and to be successful in the other variants they should take their performance ahead from here itself. Their last win provided them with the much needed confidence.

They are very energetic on the field and currently they are being very powerful and dominating not only on the fielding side, but on the batting and bowling side as well. This is being highlighted in their performances and it is putting them in a good position on the charts. The team morale has been boosted as well.
In the last World Cup, with vigor and luck on their side, there was no stopping them. They took some spectacular catches in the last few matches as well. Top ten fielders of England in T20 cricket are:

1. SCJ Broad
2. PD Collingwood
3. LJ Wright
4. KP Pietersen
5. AD Mascarenhas
6. EJG Morgan
7. A Flintoff
8. MH Yardy
9. TT Bresnan
10. RJ Sidebottom

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