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Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of Pakistan in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of Pakistan in Test Cricket

Test Cricket requires the players to have the ability and commitment to it and for those who cannot handle it, T20 or ODIs are the safest to play.

Pakistan has been excellent in the batting and the bowling department but in the last few matches their fielding has been incompetent. Unity is going to be their way of reaching the top.

Pakistan needs to appoint a fielding coach because the methods they have been using are outdated, as was noted in the Australian Tour. This will help them overcome their fielding disabilities.

There are some wonderful players in the Pakistan Test Cricket team. All they need to do is to include a little more hard work and dedication.Here are top ten fielders of Pakistan in test cricket:

2. Inzamam-ul-Haq
3. Younis Khan
4. Majid Khan
5. Mohammad Yousuf
6. Saleem Malik
7. Mudassar Nazar
8. Ijaz Ahmed
9. Wasim Akram
10. Iqbal Qasim

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of Pakistan in ODI Cricket

At the One Day Internationals, Pakistan has been performing very well and has been giving tough competition to its opponents. Their major cause of worry is their fielding which has not been up to the mark, causing the opponents to score well.

Fielding is a very important aspect of the game and needs to be enjoyed thoroughly by the players. To be a competent player, one needs to be passionate about it or else the drowsiness will show. Also, lack of communication among the players needs to be sorted out, so that they can understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Today, certain ground fielding records need to be set, so that the over all team performance can be accepted and understood. Here are the top 10 fielders of Pakistan in ODI:

1. Inzamam-ul-Haq
2. Younis Khan
3. Shahid Afridi
4. Ijaz Ahmed
5. Wasim Akram
6. Saleem Malik
7. Javed Miandad
8. Shoaib Malik
9. Mohammad Yousuf
10. Aamer Sohail

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of Pakistan in T20 Cricket

Twenty 20 cricket is not meant for latecomers. You need to be impeccable in your fielding because otherwise the opposition team will score all the required runs which, again, is easy thanks to the fielding restrictions present in Twenty 20 Cricket.

The twenty 20 wins for Pakistan have been a huge morale booster for them, in spite of the consistent test cricket losses.

The T20 was important for Pakistan as they had to show the skill which they had lacked in the last few international cricket matches.

For Pakistan, fielding has been their weakest point, because of which they need to work very hard on it so that they are able to face the spinners of Australia, which is an exceptionally good team. And a lot of dedication will be required due to the restrictions on the T20 field.

Top ten catchers/fielders of Pakistan in T20 are:

1. Shoaib Malik
2. Younis Khan
3. Shahid Afridi
4. Umar Akmal
5. Umar Gul
6. Misbah-ul-Haq
7. Mohammad Hafeez
8. Fawad Alam
9. Imran Nazir
10. Abdur Rehman

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