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Top Ten Century Scorers of Australia in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

by on December 15, 2010
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Top Ten Century Scorers of Australia in Test Cricket

Australia is one of the best Cricket team in the world—has too many great players having too many centuries on test cricket. Today, R.T. Ponting has the highest number of centuries scored in his cricket career (about 39, October 2010); therefore he has become one of the legends of Australian Cricket. Prior to that, D.G. Bradman was at the top of top ten test centurions list with 29 test centuries. However, not only Ponting but also Wagh and Hayden have crossed the border of Bradman, and some centurions are just looking to touch it now (A.R. Border is at the top of them with 27 centuries). Therefore, finding top ten century scorers of Australia in test cricket is quite easy task in case of Australian Cricket players and it is as follows.

  • R.T. Ponting
  • S.R. Waugh
  • M.L. Hayden
  • D.G. Bradman
  • A.R. Border
  • G.S. Chappell
  • J.L. Langer
  • D.C. Boon
  • R.N. Harvey
  • M.E. Waugh

Top Ten Century Scorers of Australia in ODI Cricket

Australian cricket has very high profile in ODI matches and series—has the highest success rate among all other international teams. Australia has achieved too many times ICC World Cup trophy and is at the top favorite. Such fruitful results happened because the world’s greatest players exist in Australian team including R.T. Ponting, A.C. Gilchrist, M.E. Waugh, and so on. They are still producing their new generation for keeping up their present status in the future. They have D.A. Warner, D.J. Hussy, C.L. White, and so other in their future squad. Top ten cricket century scorers of of Australian Cricket team in ODI are as follows.

  • R.T. Ponting
  • A.C. Gilchrist
  • M.E. Waugh
  • M.L. Hayden
  • G.R. Marsh
  • D.M. Jones
  • M.G. Bevan
  • A. Symonds
  • D.C. Boon
  • D.R. Martyn

Top Ten Century Scorers of Australia in T20 Cricket

Australia is very strong in classical, structural, and planned cricket playing. It has highest success rate both in Test matches and ODI matches; but unfortunately they lost all three ICC World T20 (20-20 World Cup) held earlier (up to 2010). Since, at present record in the world 20-20 history, B.B. McCullum (New Zealand) and S.K. Raina (India) have the only credit of having single century each, Australia does not have any centurion in its team; but some players were just at the door on centuries—Warner (89 runs) and White (85* runs). Therefore, it can be predicted that the world will see new 20-20 centurions very soon. List of Australian players who can possibly get centuries very soon.


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