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Top Ten Fielders of Australia in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

by on August 28, 2010
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Top Ten Fielders of Australia in Test Cricket

Australia has been one of the best fielding teams after South Africa. Australians have the enthusiasm and the confidence in them, which is what helps them go ahead in the game.

In actual classification, they are the second best team, but actually they could top the list because of the way they handle the game. They are very agile and equally committed to the game.

As far as Test cricket is concerned, Australia hasn’t lost a single one in the last thirteen series that they have played.

Australia basically plays for the country before themselves and this can be seen because of the manner every player chips in the game and it is not a match which is single-handedly held by anyone. Top ten fielders of Australia in test cricket are:

1. ME Waugh
2. RT Ponting
3. MA Taylor
4. AR Border
5. ML Hayden
6. SK Warne
7. GS Chappell
8. SR Waugh
9. RB Simpson
10. IM Chappell

Top Ten Fielders of Australia in ODI Cricket

In One Day Internationals, Australia is undoubtedly one of the best teams again. In all the three formats of the game, Australia is pretty much the same in their fielding.

They don’t tend to get complacent even after they have fielded very well in the first few overs, which is a very good aspect as it helps in the latter half of the match. Many a times the other teams lack this and then it shows in their performance. Australia believes in saving its runs, be it a single one also.

Senior players in this team are also equally committed and dive around whenever required unlike other sub-continent teams where players tend to get lazy and lethargic after a certain age and time in the game. Top ten fielders of Australian cricket team in ODI are:

1. RT Ponting
2. AR Border
3. SR Waugh
4. ME Waugh
5. MEK Hussey
6. A Symonds
7. SK Warne
8. MJ Clarke
9. DR Martyn
10. MG Bevan

Top Ten Fielders of Australia in T20 Cricket

The format of Twenty-Twenty requires the players to be very active and Australia is pretty much in contact with this aspect of the game. They throw themselves around on the field and know how to utilize their strengths perfectly.

In the Twenty-Twenty version of the game, with the new players coming in, their performance had kind of slowed down, but this has nothing to do with the fielding. The main reason for slowing down their performance could be because of the lack of experienced players, who generally manage to hold the team tight.

Fielding still remains very good because there is equal contribution from every player in this shorter version of the game, which makes them the best team. Top ten fielders of Australian cricket team in T20 are:

1. MEK Hussey
2. DJ Hussey
3. DA Warner
4. MJ Clarke
5. SPD Smith
6. CL White
7. RT Ponting
8. SR Watson
9. NW Bracken
10. B Lee


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