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Top Ten Fielders of New Zealand in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket


Top Ten Fielders of  in Test Cricket

New Zealand plays fewer test matches and they get to play more of One day Internationals and Twenty-Twenty matches.

Fielding is very good but when compared to other nations such as Australia and South Africa, they lack the sparkle or the lustre which is required in test matches. This may have to do with the fact that it’s the longest version of the game, going up to five days.

They have good senior players in the game, which is an added point for them. There are some players in the team like Jesse Ryder and Scott Styris, who are not great in their fitness levels, but since they are equally committed to the game, that doesn’t come in the way. Top ten fielders of New Zealand in test cricket are:

1. SP Fleming
2. MD Crowe
3. NJ Astle
4. JV Coney
5. DL Vettori
6. BA Young
7. LRPL Taylor
8. BE Congdon
9. GM Turner
10. JJ Crowe

Top Ten Fielders of New Zealand in ODI Cricket

New Zealand is very similar in One Day Internationals as well as Test Matches. The players are more agile and concentrated and free in this version of the game.
Their performance on the field is fifty-fifty. On some days they are excellent and on others are not that great.

New Zealand’s fielding strategy and formation is very attacking. They take special care of the main 30 yard circle, their fielding is excellent and they never let easy singles to be taken, which really helps New Zealand in enhancing their performance in One Day Internationals.

In the past they have taken many spectacular catches as well and their performance hasn’t deteriorated in this aspect at all. Top ten fielders of New Zealand in ODI are:

1. SP Fleming
2. CZ Harris
3. NJ Astle
4. DL Vettori
5. MD Crowe
6. CL Cairns
7. SB Styris
8. LRPL Taylor
9. JG Wright
10. CD McMillan

Top Ten Fielders of New Zealand in T20 Cricket

In the Twenty-Twenty format, New Zealand is the same as in One Day Internationals. Their fielding is excellent, their strong point and they are very active on the field.

New Zealand has a couple of all-rounders who prove to be very helpful on the field. They know how to deal with tough situations and can bring the match on track when their performance is going on and when the other players are panicking.

In the last Twenty-Twenty match, they added players who were still recovering, as they had been injured previously. New Zealand was smart enough to put some players on hold as well, in case the present team members would not be fully fit to play the World Cup. Top ten fielders of New Zealand in T20 are:

1. LRPL Taylor
2. JDP Oram
3. BB McCullum
4. NL McCullum
5. MJ Guptill
6. DL Vettori
7. SB Styris
8. TG Southee
9. JEC Franklin
10. JD Ryder

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