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Top Ten Fielders of South Africa in ODI Cricket

Top Ten Fielders of South Africa in ODI Cricket

South Africa is in fact the only team which is exceptionally best in Test Cricket, One Day Internationals and Twenty-Twenty. They have been very good in their game, as they have the perfect bonding required which helps them in being coordinated.

They are extremely good with their catches and it’s a known thing that they do not miss out in air catches. They dive well, even the senior players do, and this helps the team complement each other. They have always been on the forefront as far as fielding is concerned and hence it’s known as the team with the best fielding side. South Africa players are athletic in nature, which helps them stay for longer time on the field. Here is the list of top ten best fielders of South Africa in ODI:

1. JH Kallis
2. HH Gibbs
3. JN Rhodes
4. SM Pollock
5. GC Smith
6. WJ Cronje
7. DJ Cullinan
8. G Kirsten
9. BM McMillan
10. AB de Villiers

Fielding in an ODI match sometimes proves the only difference between the winning and losing side. South African Cricket Team is known for their brilliant fieling. J Rhodes is especially known for his unmatchable fielding skills.

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