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Top Ten Fielders of South Africa in Test and T20 Cricket

Top Ten Fielders of South Africa in Test Cricket

South Africa has set the benchmark for all the playing nations in Cricket. They have some amazing fielders namely, Jhonty Rhodes, Herschelle Gibbs and AB de Villiers who are considered almost God-like in fielding.

South Africa, when on the field, gives it its best and hence the players are known as the best fielding side. In test matches as well, they are complacent and their fielding has never dropped. They have hardly ever faltered in their fielding, as they are way too committed to the game.

South Africa has good bowlers as well and they also contribute to the fielding very well. Shawn Pollock, known to be a good bowler, has always been excellent in his fielding as well. Here is the list of top ten fielders of South Africa in test cricket:

1. JH Kallis
2. GC Smith
3. HH Gibbs
4. G Kirsten
5. AB de Villiers
6. SM Pollock
7. DJ Cullinan
8. B Mitchell
9. ND McKenzie
10. BM McMillan

Top Ten Fielders of South Africa in T20 Cricket

People prefer watching Twenty-Twenty matches for the simple reason that it is for a shorter duration, and this has attracted a lot of craze and has made them avoid the traditional forms of cricket. Twenty-Twenty does not possess the actual skills of the player. Twenty-Twenty requires the player to be very concentrated and confident.

Their recent performances have shown that they are a difficult team to beat in this format as well. South Africa has been gifted with some exceptional players.

AB de Villiers is considered one of the finest players in fielding, and because of his mannerisms and his play, he reminds a lot of Jhonty Rhodes. Indefinitely, South Africa is one of the best fielding teams in Twenty-Twenty. Here is the list of top ten fielders of South Africa in T20:

1. AB de Villiers
2. GC Smith
3. JP Duminy
4. JA Morkel
5. J Botha
6. DW Steyn
7. HH Gibbs
8. RE van der Merwe
9. JH Kallis
10. JM Kemp

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