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Top Ten Fielders of Zimbabwe in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

by on September 7, 2010
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Top Ten Fielders of Zimbabwe in Test Cricket

Zimbabwe, in the first place, plays hardly any test matches. In the last four years, they have played only one series against Bangladesh which they had won, and that provided them with a good start. They plan on becoming more regular at test matches in a few years from now.

When it comes to fielding, they are again good at it, but once on the field, they tend to make silly errors. They cannot handle pressure on the field and end up dropping quite a few catches during testing times. Zimbabwe’s ground fielding is good, but on the boundary line they are not that great.

With tougher teams, they tend to underestimate themselves which is quite visible on the field. Here is the list of top ten fielders of Zimbabwe in test cricket:

1. ADR Campbell
2. GW Flower
3. SV Carlisle
4. GJ Whittall
5. DL Houghton
6. HH Streak
7. DD Ebrahim
8. PA Strang
9. CB Wishart
10. TR Gripper

Top Ten Fielders of Zimbabwe in ODI Cricket

Zimbabwe has had some good matches in One Day Internationals. Defeating India was one of its biggest feats in their last One Day International. Their fielding contributed in a big way and they managed to hold on to most of the catches that came their way.

Zimbabwe players are very committed when it comes to One Day Internationals. They jump around on the field but when it comes to playing with bigger oppositions, they lack the lustre again.

They are low on confidence which is seen on the field by the way they drop catches, which indirectly leads to misfielding, and this has happened on more than one occasion. When they are dominated by the other side, they tend to give up very easily.Here is the list of top ten fielders of Zimbabwe in ODI :

1. GW Flower
2. ADR Campbell
3. HH Streak
4. H Masakadza
5. SV Carlisle
6. E Chigumbura
7. S Matsikenyeri
8. GJ Whittall
9. P Utseya
10. PA Strang

Top Ten Fielders of Zimbabwe in T20 Cricket

In the shorter version of the game, Zimbabwe hasn’t got much opportunity to display its skills, but of whatever little has been seen of them, they have proved to be outstanding.

They have tried to save the game many a times by saving all the possible singles, which matters a lot in the long run in this version because of the small time limit of the game.

Against their series with India, they gave it their best in the fielding department and were exceptional in it and the reason for their slowdown was their batting, where they were not able to give it their best shot.

Each new individual, who has got a chance to play in this, threw himself around and tried saving the important runs, which, if complimented with good batting, would have got them on the batting side. Here is the list of top ten fielders of Zimbabwe in T20:

1. S Matsikenyeri
2. E Chigumbura
3. H Masakadza
4. P Utseya
5. CJ Chibhabha
6. GB Brent
7. T Maruma
8. AG Cremer
9. KM Dabengwa
10. CB Mpofu

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