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Top Ten ODI-T20 Cricket All-rounders of Zimbabwe

Top Ten ODI Cricket All-rounders of Zimbabwe 

The One Day International team of Zimbabwe is yet to see another player like Heath Streak. P Utseya appears promising on the field as of now and with the right guidance, he can prove to be another record breaking player. Heath Streak was amazing on the field and with the right amount of pace, he could put any batsmen under stress. Due to the problems he suffered being the captain of the team and the  intense pressure put up on him his performance was affected  when the team needed him desperately. It could also be to do with the fact that the team performance was lowered, thus lowering his confidence as well.

  • HH Streak
  • GW Flower
  • PA Strang
  • GJ Whittall
  • P Utseya
  • GB Brent
  • RW Price
  • E Chigumbura
  • EA Brandes
  • DT Hondo

Top Ten T20 Cricket All-rounders of Zimbabwe 

The main requirements of the shortest version of this game are confidence and consistency. Zimbabwe has neither  which is probably the reason they have not been able to perform as well as the other teams. They have the talent  but lack the inspiration and team work. With a little effort from every player and the coach, the team can surely perform better. Also the right mix of varied players is very important in a game.  This is because not every player is an all-rounder and any match requires important contributions from each and every player participating. Twenty twenty especially requires the best lot of bowlers in every team as every ball that is bowled matters in the game.

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