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Top Ten Test Cricket All-rounders of England

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Top Ten Test Cricket All-rounders of EnglandĀ 

So far England Cricket Team is ahead in the race of producing exceptionally well all-rounders with high level of stamina, courage, determination and skills to defeat the opposing team. Ian Botham, the best test all-rounder England ever had, is in the hall of fame for his dominancy on the pitch, belief that he will succeed in cricket and skillful batting and bowling. With him England were a force to reckon with as seen by the fact that he scored 5200 runs and took 383 wickets in his test career. Ian Botham is followed by Andrew Flintoff as he did fearsome fast bowling, scored a lot in every innings and fielded extremely well thus uplifting morale of his team. Flintoff established his name by scoring 3845 runs and taking 226 wickets in just 87 matches. Paul Collingwood, current captain of England, ranks number third as he has scored 4176 runs along with the taking of 15 wickets in just 63 test matches very easily because of his well-balanced temperament, desire to stay on the pitch and tantalizing strokes.These players have made England proud. Top ten cricket all-rounders of England in test cricket are:

  • I.Botham
  • A.Flintoff
  • P.Collingwood
  • R.Ilingworth
  • J.Embry
  • S.Broad
  • W.Rohdes
  • M.Tates
  • T.Bailey
  • F.J.Titmus

In recent years, English Cricket Team has improved its performance further. Since the 2011 cricket ODI world cup, it can be said with some confidence that England cricket team has one of the best bowling squad and good all rounders. An example of this statement would be Stuart Broad. Stuart Broad has always had the right pace and he knows how to ball from wicket to wicket. He has however improved a lot as an all rounder. Recent performance of English Cricket Team in Test Cricket shows that most of their wins were a result of all round performance of a few players.

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