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Top Ten Test Cricket Bowlers and All-rounders of New Zealand

Top Ten Test Cricket Bowlers of New Zealand 

Zimbabwe is lacking the confidence required in test cricket. It could  have to do with the fact that they don’t have much experience in  either players  or matches. They have the perfect all rounder in the  person of HH Streak, but there is no one to back him up. He has excellent control over his bowling and can pace it on the outswing. There was a time he could single handedly take the match ahead, and till date Zimbabwe hasn’t found such a player. He was energetic and full of strength and this is what made him the first highest wicket taker in test cricket.   However, he couldn’t sustain it with all the pressure that was put on him.

  • HH Streak
  • PA Strang
  • RW Price
  • HK Olonga
  • BC Strang
  • AM Blignaut
  • GJ Whittall
  • M Mbangwa
  • DH Brain
  • EA Brandes

Top Ten Test Cricket All-rounders of New Zealand 

Despite of not winning any major One Day Internationals, New Zealand has displayed some brilliant performances on the field. New Zealand has also been able to show decent performances because of the presence of various all-rounders in the team whose vast knowledge about the game has contributed in scoring. If they were a bit more confident on the field  they could go miles ahead with their performances. The bowlers were dangerous and could confuse the batsmen to no end, which remains their biggest asset. The lack of consistency in the game is what has worked against them and the various reasons which have caused some great bowlers to now turn batsmen and occasionally be seen with the ball. Under the right guidance, the bowling squad will be able to perform much better. Top test all-rounders of New Zealand are:

  • DL Vettori
  • CZ Harris
  • CL Cairns
  • KD Mills
  • RJ Hadlee
  • SE Bond
  • EJ Chatfield
  • JDP Oram
  • DK Morrison
  • B Styris


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