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Top Ten Test-ODI-T20 All-rounders of Pakistan Cricket Team

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Top Ten Test All-rounders of Pakistan Cricket Team 

Pakistan cricket team has produced many good all-rounders, who have always understood their key role and have lead their team to numerous victories by doing excellent batting and tremendous bowling.

Imran Khan, who was once the captain of Pakistan is still the number one test all-rounder of Pakistan due to his excellent leadership qualities and up to the mark performances, which paved  the way for Pakistan cricket team towards huge success.  Imran Khan has scored 3807 runs and has taken 362 wickets in just 88 test matches. Second best test all-rounder is none other than Intikhab Alam because of his top class spin bowling and powerful hard-hitting which helped him to score 1493 runs and take 125 test wickets.

Wasim Akram is on third position for his well known reverse- swing delivery with pace in it and sensible batting, as the situation demanded, thus helping him to easily take 414 wickets and score 2898 runs in 104 test matches, followed by Abdul Qadir with 236 test wickets and 1029 test runs.

  • I. Khan
  • I. Alam
  • W .Akram
  • A.Qadir
  • M.Nazar
  • A.Razzaq
  • A.Mehmood
  • A.Iqbal
  • M.Ahmed
  • W.Raja

 Top Ten ODI All-rounders of Pakistan Cricket Team 

One day international is the most famous cricket game format. In-order to succeed in it each and every team mate has to fulfill his responsibilities, has to show talent on the pitch and should have 100% confidence.

Imran Khan, who captained Pakistan to World cup victory in 1992, always displayed effective leadership and top all-rounder qualities on and off the pitch, is ranked as number 1 all-rounder with 3709 runs and 182 wickets in ODIs. The king of swing! Wasim Akram is considered as the second best ODI all-rounder of Pakistan, as he was the first one to take 500 ODI wickets and score total of 3717 runs in ODIs. Shahid Afridi with 6321 ODI runs and upto 282 ODI wickets is also known as ‘boom boom ‘and is a very popular player of Pakistan because of his extreme hard-hitting and marvelous quick spin deliveries.

Pakistani all-rounders are well known for their ability to turn the game into their favour and how to bring the best out of each other.

  • I Khan
  • Wasim Akram
  • S Afridi
  • A Razzaq
  • A Mehmood
  • A Qadir
  • S. Malik
  • A Sohail
  • M Nazar
  • W Raja

Top T20 All-rounders of Pakistan Cricket Team 

Over the years the Pakistan national cricket team has evolved from being an experienced ODI team to become a renowned t20 side having reached the final of the 2007 ICC t20 world cup , whereas in 2009 they were declared champs after beating finalists Sri lanka by 8 wickets. This formidable feat was accomplished with the help of talented all rounders in the Pakistani squad who performed well under pressure with both the bat and ball. The best among these players is captain and all rounder Shahid afridi (Boom Boom) who has scored over 600 runs and taken 47 wickets in 35 matches. Next in line is Abdul razzaq who has successfully taken 11 wickets and scored over 170 runs.

  • Shahid Afridi
  • Abdul Razzaq
  • Muhammad Hafeez
  • Shoaib Malik
  • Fawad alam


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