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Top Ten Test-ODI-T20 Cricket Batsmen-All Time


Top Ten Test Cricket Batsmen-All Time

India and Australia have churned out the best players in this department. In test cricket, batsmen generally do not take risks. Because test games are the longest form of cricket, it is best to sustain a long, solid game.

Batsmen must be focused at all times because once they lose focus, the game is as good as lost. This is the basic rule of this game. It is much more challenging for the players in terms of making records and winning the match.

  • SR Tendulkar (India)
  • RT Ponting (Aus)
  • BC Lara (ICC/WI)
  • R Dravid (ICC/India)
  • AR Border (Aus)
  • JH Kallis (ICC/SA)
  • SR Waugh (Aus)
  • SM Gavaskar (India)
  • DPMD Jayawardene (SL)
  • S Chanderpaul (WI)

Top Ten ODI Cricket Batsmen-All Time

One day Internationals checks the capabilities of the bowlers in a very effective way. It helps in finding out the consistency of the player. In other words, it can be safely said that this is the perfect platform for seeking out the gem players in any team. Batting is also vital and challenging. Every batsmen is unique so the bowlers have to put in the extra practice so that they can face all kinds of batsmen. Once again, Sachin Tendulkar has set the benchmark in this form.

  • SR Tendulkar (India)
  • ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL)
  • RT Ponting (Aus/ICC)
  • Inzamam-ul-Haq (Asia/Pak)
  • SC Ganguly (Asia/India)
  • JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA)
  • R Dravid (Asia/ICC/India)
  • BC Lara (ICC/WI)
  • Mohammad Yousuf (Asia/Pak)
  • AC Gilchrist (Aus/ICC)

Top Ten T20 Cricket Batsmen-All Time

Sri Lanka has turned out to be one of the most promising teams in the aspect of batting. Twenty-twenty is not a format that can be easily adopted, but Sri Lanka has managed that pretty well. Adapting to the game is the foremost requirement as only then will batting in twenty-twenty become easy.

A player needs to understand the demands of this game. As a limited over game, there is not much scope for the batsman. He needs to play first and score equally fast or the match will be gone before an opportunity arizes.

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