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Top Ten Test-ODI-T20 Cricket Bowlers of Zimbabwe


Top Ten Test Cricket Bowlers of Zimbabwe 

Zimbabwe started playing cricket later than other countries. Thus, they are one of the least experience teams. Experience helps teams make the right decisions bringing smooth consistency to test matches. Experience helps captains determine the batting and bowling order which, at the end of the day, makes all the difference. Assigning the right bowler to a batter and vice versa enhances the advantages of individual players.

  • ACI Lock
  • T Taibu
  • DA Marillier
  • AM Blignaut
  • DH Brain
  • AG Huckle
  • HH Streak
  • H Masakadza
  • SM Ervine
  • HK Olonga
Top Ten ODI Cricket Bowlers of Zimbabwe

One day Internationals require consistent players. The bowlers of One Day Internationals are required to be strong and powerful. They need to bowl fifty over’s at a stretch. This requires great passion for the game. Bowling in such scenarios is not an easy task. Hence, passion is required by the players because only then will a player be able to sustain for the entire game. Stamina allows the player face crucial moments towards the end of the game. Zimbabwe has not been able to show much scope in One Day Internationals. This could be because they have not been around long. Their inexperience speaks volumes of their game.

  • HK Olonga
  • E Chigumbura
  • DT Hondo
  • HH Streak
  • EA Brandes
  • GB Brent
  • PA Strang
  • GJ Whittall
  • AM Blignaut
  • DP Viljoen
Top Ten T20 Cricket Bowlers of Zimbabwe

Twenty-twenty requires commitment and concentration from the players. Because it is a limited over game, There are many more crucial moments that arise. Twenty-twenty is the perfect platform for newcomers to show their talent, and they should not take the game lightly as it could be their passport to enter the other formats of the game. Bowling in twenty-twenty is a tedious task. Bowlers cannot afford to waste a single ball just trying to figure out whether it works or not. Zimbabwe has the potential to become one of the best teams if they could incorporate better decision making into the fabric of the team.

  • C Zhuwawo
  • AG Cremer
  • E Chigumbura
  • GB Brent
  • AJ Ireland
  • T Maruma
  • H Masakadza
  • GA Lamb
  • CB Mpofu
  • RW Price


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