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Top Ten Test-ODI-T20 Cricket Captains of New Zealand


Top Ten Test Cricket Captains of New Zealand

New Zealand cricket has been consistent with its captains. Unlike the other countries, they have not shuffled and experimented a lot. They have made decisions and have shown faith in them for a long time. This has resulted in New Zealand placing among the top Test cricket playing nations. The New Zealand cricket team started playing Test cricket back in the 1929/30 season. Tom Lowry led them against England. The events were clearly one-sided as England dominated the series. The next year, New Zealand toured England to see yet another defeat and two draws under Tom Lowry.

New Zealand has had great captains leading them to many famous Test victories over giant cricketing nations. John Reid captained the side between 1955 and 1965 and showed remarkable improvement inside the team. If we look at the team victories, then Geoff Howarth would be on top of the list. New Zealand won 11 tests out of 30 played during those 5 years. The other captains who would make to the top 10 list are Stephen Fleming, with 28 victories out of 80 tests that he played as captain, John Wright, and current skipper, Daniel Vettori. Here is a complete list of top 10 captains of New Zealand in test cricket is:

  1. Stephen Fleming
  2. John Reid
  3. Geoff Howarth
  4. Daniel Vettori
  5. Lee Germon
  6. Ken Rutherford
  7. Martin Crowe
  8. John Wright
  9. Jeremy Coney
  10. Graham Dowling

Top Ten ODI Cricket Captains of New Zealand  

New Zealand has always been a danger for every side when playing ODI cricket. They started playing in 1972 and were lead by Bevan Congdon. During his 3 years as a captain of the New Zealand national side, he only managed one victory in seven matches that he played as a captain.

New Zealand has only seen 18 one-day international captains so far. Stephen Fleming captained the side for the longest period and played 218 matches as captain. He was flawless as a captain and led the team to many victories despite having a lack of talent inside the team. He managed to win 98 matches during his reign of 10 years. He will definitely go down as one of the greatest captains in the history of international cricket.

The top ten list would also include the resilient Daniel Vettori, Lee Germon, Martin Crowe, who led the team to 1992 World Cup semi-finals, and the reliable John Wright. A complete top ten captains of New Zealand list is below:

  • Stephen Fleming
  • Daniel Vettori
  • Martin Crowe
  • Lee Germon
  • John Wright
  • Ken Rutherford
  • Dion Nash
  • Jeff Crowe
  • Jeff Crowe
  • Jeremy Coney

Top Three T20 Cricket Captains of New Zealand

20-20 or T-20 cricket is relatively new. It was a long while to get approval from all of the teams. Even though the ICC has approved of it, accepted it as an international form of cricket, and even went on to hold a World Cup for this format of cricket, some nations have yet not approved of it. New Zealand had 3 captains leading the side to this yet-controversial form of cricket.

Stephen Fleming was the first player to captain the New Zealand national side in a 20-20 match. He led the side in 5 matches, won 2 of them, lost 2 and one match was tied. This format was a new one and Fleming was still to mature as a 20-20 captain. However, he retired, and the captaincy was handed over to Daniel Vettori.

Here is the list of top captains of New Zealand in T20:


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