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Top Test Cricket All-rounders of New Zealand and West Indies

Popular player of New Zealand Nathn Astle

Top Five Test Cricket All-rounders of New Zealand 

The New Zealand test squad is considered as a driving force in cricket history throughout history and all of this is made possible by the all rounders that are the major reason of the team’s success. The “Black Caps” have produced exceptional all rounders who have led the team to victory on the field on many occasions. Among the best of the best is current captain Daniel Vettori who has played a record 100 tests, taking 325 wickets and scoring over 3900 runs. Following him is talented all rounder Nathan Astle who has played 81 test matches for the team, scoring over 4700 runs and taking 51 wickets. Another remarkable player is Chris Cairns who has taken an amazing 218 wickets in 62 matches and has scored over 3300 runs for the team. Top test all-rounders of New Zealand are:

  • Daniel Vettori.
  • Nathan Astle.
  • Chris Cairns.
  • Craig McMillan.
  • Danny Morrison.

Top Six Test Cricket All-rounders of West Indies 

The West Indies culture is rich in cricket which is being played since the eighteenth century. During the course of time the team has become a dominant side in test format and has produced legends like Garfield Sobers, Malcolm Marshall and Viv Richards. The presence of such talented players has accounted for the high quality of cricket that the team has to offer. The all rounders in team have always guided the team from the start and set an example for others to follow, perhaps the greatest all rounder in the West Indies test team was Garfield Sobers who scored over 8000 runs and took 235 wickets in just 93 test matches that he played for West Indies. After Sobers was Malcolm Marshall who took 376 wickets and scored over 1800 runs in 81 tests, continuing his legacy was the famous Viv Richards who played 121 test matches, scored an amazing tally of 8540 runs and took over 30 wickets. Another all rounder in the recent squad is Chris Gayle who is excellent with both ball and bat and has scored over 6000 runs and taken 72 wickets in 88 test matches, he is also the captain of the current West Indies team.


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