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World Cup Cricket Records

by on October 27, 2009
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Concise history about Cricket World Cup

The most renowned championship of one day international cricket has a history of its own- few points described in this article.

The first conducted World Cup was in 1912 between the then playing only nations, Australia, England and South Africa. Because of the unfavourable weather, the idea of the world championship was dropped and not played until 1975. After domestic one-day competitions gained a lot of momentum and fans, then the eight Test-playing nations in 1975- England, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, India and Pakistan, Sri Lanka and East Africa- played the first ever successful World Cup in England with booming success, the tournament was repeated in 1979 and 1983 in England, before moving abroad because the love for the game in the subcontinent was increasing at an alarming rate, and the first World Cup to be held away from England was also the first to feature neutral umpires maintaining a four-year cycle.Though initially the cricket World Cup captured the attention of hundreds of spectators, it has now attracted millions who are eagerly waiting to watch the next cricket world cup tournament that takes place in the sub-continent in 2011.

Most of the positive changes to make cricket livelier happened in 1992 World Cup. Colored clothing and floodlights for most of the 36 games were introduced. It was this World Cup in which white balls were first used. The fielding circle rules were defined allowing only two men outside the circle for the first 15 over. The 1996 Cricket World Cup was the first in which third empire was introduced in front of the TV monitor. And the history goes on with new changes being made and introduced making the cricketing industry growing faster than ever.

Cricket World cup is one of the biggest and most awaited tournaments in the history of cricket. Records made during the world cup chronicle some of the outstanding performances of the players. There is no doubt in the fact that cricket is the game of making and breaking records. Following are the categorized records made during all the world cup’s to date.


  • Highest team score: 413/5 – India vs. Bermuda, 2007
  • Lowest team score: 36 all out – Canada vs. Sri Lanka, 2003
  • Highest successful run chase: 313/7 – Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe, 1992
  • Highest individual score: 188, Gary Kirsten – South Africa vs. UAE


  • Most consecutive World Cup matches won: 23, Australia 1999-2007
  • Most consecutive World Cup matches lost: 18, Zimbabwe 1983-1992


  • Most runs in all Cricket World Cups: 1796 by Sachin Tendulkar
  • Most runs by a batsman in a single tournament: 673 in 11 innings, Sachin Tendulkar – 2003 Cricket World Cup
  • Quickest century: 66 balls, Matthew Hayden – Australia vs. South Africa
  • Fastest fifty: 20 balls, Brendon McCullum – New Zealand vs. Canada
  • Highest strike rate in Cricket World Cups: 115.14, Kapil Dev (India)
  • Highest average in Cricket World Cups: 63.31, Viv Richards
  • Most ducks in Cricket World Cups: 22, Nathan Astle


  • Most wickets in all Cricket World Cups: 71, Glenn McGrath
  • Best bowling figures in a single match: 7/15, Glenn McGrath – Australia vs. Namibia
  • Most wickets in consecutive balls: 4, Lasith Malinga – Sri Lanka vs. South Africa
  • Most wickets in a single tournament: 26, Glenn McGrath (Australia)
  • Lowest economy rate: 3.24, Andy Roberts (West Indies)
  • Best strike rate: 27.5, Glenn McGrath (Australia)


  • Most catches in the Cricket World Cup: 25, Ricky Ponting (Australia)
  • Most dismissals by a wicket keeper in the Cricket World Cup: 52, Adam Gilchrist (Australia)
  • Most catches in a single match: 4, Mohammad Kaif (India)
  • Most dismissals in a single match: 6, Adam Gilchrist (Australia)
  • Most catches in a tournament: 11, Ricky Ponting (Australia)
  • Most dismissals in a tournament: 12, Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

Best batting records in Cricket World Cup

Cricketing fans have had the pleasure of watching nine cricket World Cups. During this spectacle, many records are made and broken. The West Indian, Vivian Richards, has the highest batting average in the World Cups at an impressive 63.31. The record for the highest strike rate in the competition is held by the Indian, Kapil Dev, a very dangerous batsman. The fastest fifty was made against Canada by the New Zealander, Brendon McCullum in just 20 balls. 

The fastest hundred was made by the legendary Australian batsman, Matthew Hayden. In only 66 balls, he smashed a great century against South Africa.  This is also a record for that fastest hundred made against South Africa, in and out of the World Cup competition. The most number of runs have been scored by another legend, the Indian master, Sachin Tendulkar. His runs in the World Cups total 1796 which includes another record of 673, made in just 11 matches in 2003. This represents the most runs by an individual in a World Cup.

There are also some records that players would rather not lay claim to. Records such as the most ducks in World Cups are hardly something to boast about. By the way, the New Zealander, Nathan Astle holds this record at 22.

Highest scores, most runs, highest batting average, many sixes, ……. and the list goes on with so many records made under the batting section of cricket World Cup records.

To start with, the list of batting records cannot miss the best batting effort ever made in the history of cricket by Kapil Dev at 1983 World Cup match at Turnbridge, Indian team were 78 for 7 while batting first against newcomers Zimbabwe.

Kapil Dev made 175 not out, with 6 sixes and 16 fours in all and that remains one of the best batting efforts in cricket World Cup batting records.

Following are the three most viewed batting records in all Cricket World Cups to date:
1. Most runs in a/all Cricket World Cup tournaments:
Sachin Tendulkar proved himself in the 1996 and 2003 World Cup by making most runs (673 runs) in all matches of  a single World Cup) . As the career of the best batsman, Sachin Tendulkar, the modern cricket world has seen comes to an end, his records will always speak volumes about kis cricket skill. This remarkable batsman is followed by another great name which is Mark Waugh of Australia, with 448 runs in 1996 World Cup
2. Highest Individual Cricket World Cup scores:
This record was made in the 1996 World Cup when South Africa was playing against UAE.  Usually slow batsman, Gary Kristen decided to go after the ball and hit 13 fours and 4 sixes to make 188 not out against the opposition, followed by Sourav Ganguly who scored 183 runs against Sri Lanka at Taunton in 1999 World Cup.
3. Fastest fifties and centuries in Cricket World Cups:
Now this record is the one which made people go crazy and thrilled.  JM Davison from Canada, not a very well known name in cricket, shocked the audiences by scoring the fastest 100 from 67 balls in World Cup. In the same match Brian Lara from the opposition team made the record of 73 runs from 23 balls, also included the fastest 50 in a World Cup.

And if one wants to look at who scored the most centuries in cricket World Cups, the list has some legendary batsmen names included in it with Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Mark Waugh, and even Saeed Anwar to some extent.

The ODI Cricket World Cup comes around every four years and is a very highly anticipated tournament for all cricket fans. Many one day international (ODI) records are made and broken in these World Cups. These include fielding records. The record for the total number of catches taken in the World Cups is held by the current Australian captain, Ricky Ponting. Ponting has taken 25 catches in all world cups, including 11 taken in a single world cup tournament, which is another record.

The record for the most number of catches taken in a single world cup is held by the Indian, Mohammad Kaif at four. The record for the highest number of catches taken by a wicket keeper in all world cups is help by past Australian cricketer, Adam Gilchrist.

Gilchrist has taken 52 catches in all world cups. He also holds the record for the most number of dismissals in a world cup match at six and also the record for the most dismissals in a single tournament at twelve.

The importance of fielding has become an ever increasing factor in cricket, especially since the advent of limited overs cricket. A great fielder has the ability to change the momentum of a game, motivate his team mates and, ultimately, have a say in the eventual outcome of the match. Ricky Ponting is considered one of the best.

Some more Cricket World Cup records

Cricket fans all over the world enjoy World Cup cricket as one of the most popular world cricket events. Many records have been broken in the World Cup cricket matches. These events yield high scoring and there are many records that have been broken because of this. The highest team score is 413/5 which was made by India against Bermuda in 2007 in the World Cup. The lowest score was made by Canada against Sri Lanka in the 2003 World Cup with a score of 36/10. Sri Lanka has the highest run chase of 313/7 against Zimbabwe in the 1992 World Cup. The highest individual score record of 188 is held by a South African player namely, Gary Kirsten. Australia has won the most World Cup matches with a whopping twenty three matches. The most losses record is held by Zimbabwe with 18 losses to their name.

Sachin Tendulkar has the most runs in all World Cups with a total of 1796 runs in the matches he has played. He also has the record for scoring the highest number of runs in one World Cup tournament with 673 runs in one World Cup event. Glenn McGrath has the record as the most number of wickets taken with a total of 71 wickets. Glen McGrath also made the best bowling figure of 7/15 in a single match. He also has the record for most wickets taken in one tournament with 26 wickets. A West Indies player, Andy Roberts has the record for the best economy rate of 3.24. Glen McGrath, the great Australian bowler, has the record for best strike rate of 27.5.

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