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World cup records: India vs Ireland cricket teams


  • The Irish cricket team are yet to encounter the strong Indian team, as they have only qualified for the tournament once in their entire cricketing era, i.e. in the 2007 ICC cricket world cup.
  • However they performed pretty well in the tournament as they qualified for the super 8 stage where teams like India and Pakistan failed to win more than 1 match in the league round.
  • Ireland cricket team managed to win just one match in the super 8 round that was against the weakest team in the pool i.e. Bangladesh (after Ireland itself).
  • As far as it is observed, considering the current strength of the Indian cricket team, the Irish stand no chance at all against them but as they say Cricket is by chance, so there always exists a probability of the opposite/unexpected to happen.

 In 2011 cricket world cup match, India was able to dominate Ireland completely. Where Ireland was able to pose a threat to teams like England, it fell to 207 all out while batting first. India was able to score the same in 46 overs. Yuvraj Singh scored a 50. Overall, India dominated the match in all fields be it balling, batting or fielding.

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