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About Cricket Freaks

Cricket Freaks is a website especially created for cricket crazy fans. Cricket is an immensely popular sport and in some countries it enjoys cult status. The shorter version of cricket T20 is especially popular among young cricket lovers and new nations are now venturing into the world of cricket.

You may call us “the voice of cricket” because at our websites you will find engaging cricket stories and lots of inside information. We have covered every major event and have also covered performances of individual teams. The contribution of players and records set by them as well as their biographies are also included on our website. Perhaps    no other game is dodged with so many controversies as cricket; you can therefore read about suspicious bowling actions, controversial dismissals, undignified behavior of the players on the field and questionable decisions by umpires.  Content on prestigious cricket awards and honors is also available on Cricket Freaks.

At Cricket Freaks, we are looking for ways to enrich our website and make it interesting and that is why we welcome your comments and opinions.  So whether you want express your opinion about upcoming matches or find team selection baffling or are angry at the exclusion of your favorite player, write to us and let your thoughts be shared with thousands of fans and followers.  

We are proud to say that the popularity and readership of Cricket Freaks is growing every day.  Its fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter are also increasing with its popularity which makes placing advertisement on the website a very profitable option.  Advertising with us means your business/product will be exposed to a wide audience as we get visitors from all countries where cricket is played. Steadily increasing number of website visitors and fans of followers on Facebook and Twitter may result in unlimited potentials for your business.