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Cricket Team Records: England vs Australia (Test-ODI-T20)

England vs Australia

Cricket Team Records: England vs Australia (Test Match Records)

The Australian cricket team began their test cricket in the 7th decade of the 18th century in 7th year where they made their debut against the English cricket team which was also the debut match for the English cricketing side. The two teams met each other in 1877 and was the first ever encounter for both of them.

  • The English cricket team has a unique nick name “the poms” the Australians however are called as the Aussies.
  • DW Gregory was the captain for the Australian cricket side where as the English captain for that game was James Lilywhite.
  • The teams made their debut in Melbourne cricket ground.
  • Umpires for that match were CA Reid and RB Terry.
  • The following Australian cricket players have been pretty eminent Waugh brothers, ML Hayden, AR Border GD Mcgrath, MG Johnson, Ricky Ponting, MJ Clarke, and RN Harvery against the Indian cricket team.
  • JB Hobbs, DJ Gower, L Hutton, M Vaughan, Ian Botham, R Peel, MW Tate, DL Underwood and J Briggs have been the top performers for the Poms.
  • In total the two teams have played 326 matches which also happens to be a record number of games between two countries.
  • The Aussies won 133 matches whereas the English cricket team won 102 matches. 91 matches resulted in a draw. Hence the winning percentages are 40.79% for the Aussies and 3.29% for the Poms.
  • 903/7(declared) are the highest runs in an innings from the English side and for the Australians 701 have been the highest in one innings.
  • Highest score in aggregate is yet again by DG Bradman of Australia (5028) followed by JB Hobbs of England (3636 runs).
  • L Hutton of the Poms has the highest runs in an innings against the Aussies (364) and for the Australian side DG Bradman scored 334 runs in half the balls and minutes as L Hutton against England.
  • SK Warne (Australian top Leg spinner) holds the most number of wickets i.e. 195 and quite down in the list IT Botham has 157 wickets.
  • JC Laker has the record of taking 10 wickets in an innings and is also the only English bowler to do so up till now.
  • The highest number of wickets taken by a player in a match is also by JC Laker i.e. 19. He was one of the best bowlers in the English bowling attack.
  • No bowler has ever taken 19 wickets in 2 innings.
  • RW Marsh the Aussies wicket keeper has the highest dismissals to his name i.e. 148.
  • The last match played between the two sides was at Sydney in January 2001 (3rd-7th) which was the 5th test of the series.

 Cricket Team Records: England vs Australia (ODI-One Day International Matches Records)

Australia faced the England cricket team for the first time in the One Day Internationals in the year 1971 on 5th January on the grounds of Melbourne. Balls per over were 8 at that time and total number of overs were 50.

  • R Illingworth was the captain of the England cricket team in the first ODI played against the Aussies where as the Aussies were being captained by WM Lawry in that match.
  • TF Brooks and LP Rowan were the umpires of the first ODI match played between the Australian cricket team and the England cricket team.
  • On the grounds of Melbourne in Australia, these two cricket teams encountered each other for the first time in an ODI match.
  • From the Aussies, Ricky Ponting, Allan Border, Adam Gilchrist and Michael Clarke have been performing splendidly on the batting side making highest number of runs against the England cricket team up to date. On the bowling side, B Lee and GD McGarth have taken the most number of wickets.
  • Graham Gooch and Andrew Strauss, the England cricket team batsmen have performed effectively through out against the Aussies in the ODIs. From the bowling side IT Bothem, D Gough and JM Anderson have been seen to bowl really well.
  • Australia won the first ODI played against England in 1971 by five wickets.
  • Up till today, 113 ODI matches have been played between the Australian cricket team and the England cricket team. Out of 113, 67 has been won by the Aussies and 42 by the England cricket team. So far, only two ODIs have been tied between the two teams.
  • The highest ODI team score has been scored by Australia against the England cricket team on the grounds of Sydney in year 2011.334 runs on the cost of 8 wickets in 49.2 overs.
  • However, the highest ODI individual score has been made by the England batsman, RA Smith (167) against the Australian team members on the fields of Birmingham in the year 1993.
  • The best bowling figures in the ODIs between Australian and England cricket team is of AJ Bichel, one of the Aussies. He took seven wickets against the England players in the ODI Played in 2003.
  • Most number of wickets has also been taken by an Australian player, B Lee. (64)
  • Coming towards the wicket keeping records, AC Gilchrist has the most number of dismissals record against the England cricket team.
  • The last ODI played between the two teams was on 6th feb 2011 at Perth where Australia won by 57 runs.

Cricket Team Records: England vs Australia (T20-Twenty Twenty Matches Records)

England cricket team faced the Australian cricket team in the ICC T20 world cup for the first time on the fields of Southampton on 13th June 2005.

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