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Best Wicket Keeper Captain in Cricket: MS Dhoni vs AB de Villiers

by on October 19, 2013
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Best Wicket Keeper Captain in Cricket: MS Dhoni vs AB de Villiers

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Wicket-keeping is one of the essentials of cricket without which the playing of this game can’t be fun or even possible. Throughout the world, there are numerous astounding cricketers who have given their services as a wicket-keeper to the game of cricket. The top five names include MS Dhoni from India, Kumar Sangakara from Sri Lanka, Adam Gilchrist from Australia, Andrew Flower from Zimbabwe and Alec Stewart from England. All of these players have exhibited refined wicket-keeping skills that led them often to captain the cricket teams of their respective countries too. However, there have been few wicket-keepers that have excellent captaincy skills as well. Let us talk about the two powerful wicket-keeper captains here:

Dhoni vs AB

We have chosen to compare the performances of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and AB de Villiers. We know that it is tough when you need to compare two of the greatest players of the powerful cricket teams at your expense. Well, it would be hard but won’t be impossible indeed. So, let us try to make a comparison between two astounding wicketkeepers cum captains in the world of cricket.

Cool Minded Dhoni!

Dhoni has got immense fame as a cool-tempered cricketer. He has got extra stress absorbing abilities to keep his cool in the times of stress that not only endear him to the public, but become the cause of his matches’ victories too. He has received enormous privileges by his country as well as got his named enlisted in world cricket ranking for a major part of his career. People remember him as the saviour of the match when team is under huge stress.

Cricket on Fire with AB!

How can we forget the extra refined batting skills of our very own Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, nicknamed as AB? Being at the top of ODI list of batsmen, AB de Villiers got its position strengthened by continuous victories against the world top class international cricket batsmen. He is definitely not less than Dhoni in attaining a successive record of marvellous victories in the world of cricket.

Who is the Best?

It is surely a challenge to decide who is best between the two most fabulous wicket-keeper captains. Well, I would conclude by stating that both of these players have got matchless abilities in their own way. However, Dhoni would be my choice for labelling as better between the two owing to his batting style plus efficient wicket-keeping experience. Rest is up to you to decide. Cheers!


2 Responses to “Best Wicket Keeper Captain in Cricket: MS Dhoni vs AB de Villiers”
  1. sachin ramesh tendulkar says:

    do you really think DHONI is better than ABD ?? you must be kidding me right …AB is the best all ALL ROUND batsman in the modern era … how can you even compare dhoni with de villiers …first thing i am an indian , but as we are speaking truth AB is far better than dhoni in any format ,any condition .. i am 200% sure about that … see AB score 50(from 20 ) and as well as 20 (from 200 balls) if its needed …AB is not only better than MS … he is THE BEST in the world … come on buddy … AB is class and as well as UNORTHODOX and most innovative … dhoni got no class , and obviously no innovative shots … dhoni can only give competetion to AB is in the field of FINISHING … thats it ….so obviously AB is the best …..

  2. aarsh guleria says:

    MS Dhoni

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