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Top 5 fastest bowlers of recent times

by on January 28, 2018
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  1. Muhammad AamirSome people say that Cricket’s main charm still is associated with fast bowling. All cricket teams have really fast bowlers, but there are some bowlers who are faster than the others and they manage to stay in the limelight for quite a long time. Fast bowlers are usually considered as an asset for the team. Their pace and their ability to be a seamer usually get them wickets. Here’s a list of the top 5 fastest bowlers of the recent times who have been able to grab a lot of attention in the recent times.
    1. Mohammed Irfan:
      Mohammad Irfan is a Pakistani bowler who is left-handed with a height of 7 feet 1 inch. He has been admired all around the Cricket World for his fast bowling. So far, his fastest bowl has been recorded at 150 .6 kph. He proved to be a very good bowler as soon as he came in the Pakistani cricket team. Off course one can say that his height may be the biggest benefit that he has because the taller you are, the longer is your stride.
    2. Peter Siddle:
      Peter Siddle is a player from the Australian cricket team. He is a right arm bowler who is considered to be really fast. He doesn’t just play for the Australian team but also plays for Victoria. He is the 15th Australian bowler who so far has got 200 wickets in test cricket matches. So far his fastest ball has been clocked to be 151 kph with an average of 145 kph.
    3. Kemar Roach:
      Kemar Roach who is actually called Kemar Andre Jamal Roach is a Barbadian cricketer who represents West Indies at an international level. He has played both one day international and test cricket series for West Indies. He can consistently bowl at 145 Kph but his record of fastest ball has been at 151.7 kph. That level was more or less enough to make him one of the fastest bowlers in current world of cricket.
    4. Mitchelle Starc:
      Mitchelle Starc is an Australian cricketer who has been playing cricket nationally since 2009 when he was just 19. He is a left handed bowler and very famous for his super-fast bowling. He has also been a very prominent member of victorious Australian squad. So far his fastest bowl has been recorded to be 160.4 Kph and it is safe to say that he is one of the most dangerous bowlers all around the world.
    5. Mohammad Aamir:
      Mohammad Aamir is a Pakistani cricketer who is left handed and is also very famous for being a fast bowler. So far, his fastest bowl has been recorded to be 147.4 kph which is quite enough to scare anyone who decides to go for batting. He has been trained by the former Pakistani Fast bowler, Wasim Akram. Aamir has faced a ban of few years due to betting allegations. Online betting is legal in some countries and is illegal or frowned upon in others. It is always good to know more about online betting in cricket and in other sports before taking any such step.

Nine Best Cricket Batsmen in 2015

Aaron Finch

Aaron Finch – This Australian is a captain of his T20 national cricket team. Right-handed batsman still holds a record for the most innings in a T20 international game from 2013 and was one of the best batsmen in 2015.

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Top Five Bowlers in History of Test Cricket

by on November 3, 2015
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Fast bowler, cricketer, New Zealand, HadleeOver the years, there have been many outstanding Cricket Bowlers who have graced the game with their pace or spin. Is it the highest wicket taking average, speed, focus, or all of the above for a player to be a spectacular bowler? Let’s read about the players who are easily among the top bowlers in Cricket history so far.

At number five is Sir Richard Hadlee also known as the master of rhythm and swing, who was the first player to reach 400 test wickets. Hadlee broke a world record in Bangalore, India on November 12, 1988 for most test wickets. Hadlee took 130 wickets from 23 test matches against arch rivals Australia; ending his test career in his final bowling performance by taking 5 wickets. His skills with ball were very difficult to match. When he retired in 1990 at the age of 39 he was recognized as one of the world’s fastest bowlers of all time.

At number four is Malcolm Marshall who played for West Indies, Barbados, Hampshire, and had a right arm fast bowling action. He broke his left thumb fielding in a match in England. Marshall recorded 376 test wickets at an average of 20.94 which was the best for any other bowler who took more than 200 wickets. In 1983 Marshall became the undisputed supreme fast bowler learning from his teammates and combining their best characteristics in his bowling.

At number three is Shane Warne also known as Warney who played for Australia, Hampshire, ICC World XI and many others. Warne finished second best in test cricket, with wickets less than only Muttiah Muralitharon. He was the first to reach 700 test wickets which made him known to the world as the best leg-spin bowler in cricket history. In the 1996 World Cup he gathered 12 wickets ending his ODI career 7 wickets short of 300.

Rolling in at number two is Sydney Barnes born as Smethwick Staffordshire who played for England, Lancashire, and Wales, taking huge number of wickets at an average of 9. Barnes started his career when he was 19 years old as a fast bowler, playing for Warwickshire. Barnes had a right arm medium fast bowling style. In seven tests against South Africa he managed to pick up 83 wickets at an average of 9. He was named as one of the ‘Six Giants of the Wisden century’.

The number one top bowler of all time is Muttiah Muralitharan also known as spin wizard. Murali is known as the world’s best off-spinner and bowler. Taking over 1,000 international wickets, averaging 19.06, he is easily the best bowler in Cricket history. He has taken over 735 wickets in test matches at an average of 23.00. Murali had a right-arm off break bowling style. He holds a record for having the most wickets in one day internationals. He signed off of test cricket in 2010 with a total of 800 wickets.

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Cricket Legends

by on October 25, 2015
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Cricket Legend

Cricket is a sport that has had its fair share of exceptional players so here’s a look at the very best from four of the best nations ever to play the game.

India – Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar’s incredible record speaks for itself, with many regarding the Mumbai-born batsman as one of the greatest cricketers of all time as well as the greatest batsman of all time. The diminutive Indian began Test career at the age of 16, going on to play for India for almost 24 successful years. Tendulkar holds a number of records such as being the only player to have scored one hundred international centuries, the first batsman to score a double century in a One Day International, and he also holds the record for most number of runs in both ODI and Test cricket.

England – Ian Botham

Botham is as popular as ever in England and the all-rounder’s popularity grew out of an exceptional number of years in the 80s and 90s when ‘Beefy’ put the Australians to the sword in the Ashes series. The Cheshire man was a fantastic all-rounder for the England team, notching 14 centuries and 383 wickets in test cricket, a record he held until April 2015 when James Anderson surpassed him. Indeed, England would love to have a player of Botham’s quality these days, with recent odds on the team’s tour in Pakistan not looking great. Pakistan are clear favourites and you really need to check comparison site to get any value, with all the odds compared in one handy place as well as free bets and tipping advice.

Australia – Don Bradman

Bradman is an Australian and world cricket legend, with his career Test batting average of 99.94 often cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any major sport. He is a national icon and even before his 22nd birthday, the Cootamundra man had set a number of records for top scoring – some even still stand! Bradman scored consistent runs during a 20-year career and some of his team-mates even said he was worth three batsmen, such was his prowess. Even following his retirement he was still loved, with Australia’s then-Prime Minister John Howard calling him the ‘greatest living Australian’. In 2009 he was posthumously inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.

Pakistan – Imran Khan

Lahore’s Khan was an incredible cricketer and Pakistan’s most successful captain ever, as he led his country to a stunning 1992 World Cup victory during a career that spanned 21 years. Khan captained Pakistan at different points of his career but mostly through from 1982 to the World Cup victory in 1992. He had actually retired in 1987 but the all-rounder was brought back into the fold due to popular demand and the president offered him the opportunity, which he accepted. With 3807 runs and 362 wickets in Test cricket, he is one of eight world cricketers to have achieved an ‘All-rounder’s Triple’ in Test matches and in 2010 the man who took World Cup victory at the age of 39 was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.

Cricket Captains: Captaincy Styles Comparison

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