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Top ten hottest cricket players of 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

Top ten hottest cricket players of 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

2015 ICC Cricket World Cup’s brouhaha is all over the place. From critical analysis of players chosen for squad to choosing favorite players and teams, cricket fans cannot wait for the event to get started. From all the seriousness of cricket including strategies and captaincy, one does like to take a break and try to know more about players in their personal capacities. When it comes to personal charisma of a player, some of the hottest cricket player is part of the cricket team squads for 2015 Cricket World Cup. There is a unique blend of glamor and sophistication that is part of the player’s personality. Before go along and share our list of top ten hottest cricket players in world cup 2015, we would like to say that no hard feelings for players who don’t make it into this list. We still love you.

  1. Shahid Afridi

hot shahid afridi

Afridi aka Boom Boom is the hottest cricket player from Pakistan cricket team. As far as we remember, he has been a heartthrob of women since forever. From his first match and fastest century to his current professional level, Shahid Afridi has been an eye candy for women. His looks have made him a prominent model for many products. He is seen quite frequently in PepsiCo ads as well. His sexy gold-brown hair and light beard are enough to make any woman crazy about him. His overall charisma aggravates when he hits the ball out of the ground.

  1. Faf du Plessis

sexy faf du plessis

Hailing from South African cricket team, Plessis defines how a man could be both elegant and hot at the same time. His strong build and soft smile make him a delight to watch. His husky voice and South African accent are incredibly attractive. And how can one ignore a tattoo on his bicep? That one liner shows up every time Plessis plays a sexy shot in the ground.

  1. AB de Villiers

sexy ab de villiers

There’s something so unusually attractive about AB de Villiers. It could be his game but we would like to credit his tremendous build and a hot jawline that make him steaming hot. His personality has a unique charisma which is perplexing in a very positive way.

  1. Ahmed Shahzad

Hot Ahmed Shahzad

Hailing from Lahore with a pathan background, Ahmed Shahzad is known more for his uncanny resemblance with Kohli of Indian cricket team. Shahzad of Pakistani cricket team is pretty sleek and chic in his styling. He is fairly popular for his changing hairstyles. Fun fact about Shahzad is that his women followers call themselves “Shahzadians”. Well that’s quite an achievement for the lad.

  1. Junaid Khan

sexy junaid khan

Junaid aka Juni hails from Pakistani cricket team. Fast bowler with his very interesting run up has a huge women fan following. He has to be the most stylish cricket player of the current cricket time. His gold chain plays around his neck when he runs to bowl.

  1. Dale Steyn

hot dale steynHailing from South African team, Steyn is known to be a perfect badass of cricket. Dale Steyn is a fast bowler who uses his expressions to freak the opponent. His arm tattoo is something one cannot ignore.

  1. Virat Kohli

kohli of india

It would be rather nice to copy paste Shahzad’s profile to fill this space as the resemblance says it all.

  1. Michael Clarke

australian michael clarke

Clarke from Australian cricket team is the captain and probably the coolest and cutest cricket player. He is adorable and his spiky hairstyle makes him look hot and strong.

  1. Mitchell Johnson

Johnson of Australia

Mitchell Johnson is the main Australian attacking bowler who is popular for his beard and grand mustache. Just look at his face and perfectly shaped jawline and you will know what we are talking about.

  1. Kumar Sangakkarasangakkara

Sangakkara hails from Sri Lankan cricket team. His tan complexion and pleasant face make him a true representative of South Asian countries.

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