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Top Ten Test-ODI-T20 Cricket Openers of all time

by on December 7, 2010
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Sir Jack Hobbs

Sir Jack Hobbs

Top Ten Test Cricket Openers of all time

It requires huge sum of ability and caliber to become an extraordinary opener of all time. Best opener in test cricket is the one finds it easy to adapt to every situation and knows well about stroke-play and hard-hitting techniques. .Herbert Sutcliffe, the best test all-rounder England ever had, is in the hall of fame for his dominancy on the pitch, belief that he will succeed in cricket and skillful batting. He scored 4555 runs and took in his test career after opening in more than 54 matches. Second best test all-rounder is none other than Jack Hobbs because of his high patience, stamina and skill level, which helped him to score 5140 runs in 61 test matches. Third popular test all-rounder  is Leonard Hutton, of England, with 6971 runs in opening of just 79 test matches. Leonard Hutton was a technical batsman with high stamina and strength level. Hutton is followed by Sunil Gavaskar for his sensible batting along with destructive strokeplay. Gavaskar had scored 10122 runs in 125 test matches.

  • H.Suttcliffe
  • J.Hobbs
  • L.Hutton
  • S.Gavaskar
  • M.Hayden
  • G.Greenidge
  • B.Pocock
  • V.Trumper
  • V.Sehwag
  • G.Smith
Top Ten ODI Cricket Openers of all time

Opener’s importance can be judged by the fact that Openers always have to be in full form, must be determined, enthusiastic and talented otherwise it would be impossible for the team to win a particular match. Saeed Anwar, a famous Pakistani opener, is the best ODI opener for his positive attitude, electrifying starts and great stroke-play by using the least possible footwork. He scored 8824 runs in 247 ODI matches. Anwar is followed by Saurav Ganguly, with11363 runs in 311 ODI matches. Ganguly is the one famous for his ability to weaken the opposition; strong off-side cut shots and sensible batting techniques. Third Rank is clinched by Nathan Astle, of New Zealand, who was a player with great stamina, confidence level and great batting play which easily disrupted opposition strategic movements. Astle had scored 7090 runs in opening of more than 220 ODI. On number four is Desmond Haynes with 8648 runs in 238 ODI matches. He found it very easy to achieve such a target because of his strong will to succeed, marvelous cut and stroke play.

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