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Most byes conceded/not conceded in test, ODI and T20 innings

by on January 26, 2013
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Mark Boucher of South Africa

A bye in cricket is a run scored by the batting team when the ball doesn’t touch the body of the batsman or the ball has not been hit by the batsman. Usually, if the ball passes the batsman without being deflected, the wicketkeeper usually catches it. In case if the wicketkeeper doesn’t catch it, the batsmen takes a run safely. These are scored as byes and are included in team’s total. Below is the breakdown of categories for byes including most byes conceded in an innings and byes not conceded in a highest innings in test, ODI and T20 cricket:

Most byes conceded in a test cricket innings

  • LEG Ames (37)
  • KD Karthik (35)
  • MJ Prior (35)
  • JT Murray (33)
  • JM Parks (33)

Highest innings without conceding a bye in test cricket

  • HAPW Jayawardene (726/9d)
  • T Taibu (713/3d)
  • HP Tilakratne (671/4)
  • AC Parore (660/5d)
  • TG Evans (659/8d)

Most byes conceded in ODI innings

  • Ashraf Ali (20)
  • JM Parker (18)
  • RW Marsh (18)
  • Masood Iqbal (18)
  • Saleem Yousuf (16)

Most byes conceded in T20 innings

  • Mark Boucher (15)
  • D Ramdin (12)
  • BJ Haddin (10)
  • Kamran Akmal (8)
  • TM Dilshan (8)





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